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How to operate 1688 stores? Ali's headline is to teach you

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       Introduction: Jia Kunhai, manager of the operation department of Golden Navigation Electronics Co., Ltd., has 8 years of work experience in the e-commerce industry. He joined Golden Navigation Electronics Co., Ltd. in June 2019. In just two months, the Golden Navigation Store was upgraded to an industrial brand station. , The supply level was upgraded to four stars, and the golden beacon products were upgraded from one star to seven stars. How to achieve these achievements in a short period of time, these are some experiences and insights I have summarized, and I would like to share them with you.

       The first contact was Alibaba's domestic station, and now I am operating Alibaba's online store in Kinghelm company, selling GPS/Beidou modules and antennas.

Products sold by Kinghelm on Alibaba

       First of all, let’s talk about the company’s strategic positioning. Making products or making e-commerce stores requires thinking in this regard. Strategic positioning thinking is an extension of positioning theory. The "positioning" theory was introduced to me in 2002, and it developed and matured abroad in the 1990s. Apple and IBM used the positioning theory to help their companies survive the crisis and succeed, so the positioning theory became popular later. What is positioning? According to my understanding, positioning is a kind of strategic thinking. In plain language, it means to understand where you are and at what stage the company should do reasonable things. For example, in order to expand the market in the past few years, Evergrande Real Estate invested in "Evergrande Bingquan", which lost several billions every year and was finally sold. Xu Jiayin decided not to set foot in a market that does not match his own business in the future. After adjusting its strategic positioning, it has become a market with a capacity of trillions in the large health and wellness tourism

                                                                                     Products sold by Kinghelm on Alibaba
       Product positioning is the continuation of the company's positioning. The product positioning is based on the company's development direction and market positioning, and the company's development can be adjusted at different stages. Therefore, product positioning is also very important. We can look at it from this aspect. One is the vertical development of products, to understand a product and then develop new needs, such as Gree Electric, which focuses on the development of air conditioners, with sales reaching more than 200 billion in 2019. Gree's product positioning is to segment the air-conditioning single product market according to demand, and maximize the market and interests of single-category products. The second is the horizontal development of products. For example, Midea Electric started with small appliances such as electric fans and induction cookers, and then gradually expanded related products such as refrigerators and air conditioners. By this year, it will also be comparable to Gree's position in the home appliance industry. Gree and Midea are typical representatives of positioning theory and practice.

Products sold by Kinghelm on Alibaba

       When it comes to e-commerce and Alibaba, such as Handu Yishe, we are leading the industry by first operating our own women's clothing brand, and then creating or acquiring adult and children's clothing brands in the clothing industry to fully cover accurate populations. Clothing industry is bigger and stronger. Our Kinghelm company is now positioned as a professional Beidou module antenna supplier, with strong brand effect and technical support, to provide more customers with high-quality products and services. Through positioning thinking and a month of hard work, our store already has Two products have risen to the crown level.

Shark fin antenna sold by kinghelm on Alibaba

       When it comes to how to run a store well, it must be designed to do things scientifically through big data. Take "Hema Xiansheng" as an example, from product production and procurement to sales, it is accurate to hours or even minutes. From domestic to foreign or from foreign to domestic, food lovers around the world can eat the delicious food they want in time, even fresh seafood is no problem. This is the credit of big data. For example, for shared bicycles in transportation, big data analysis can be used to determine where the key placement areas are. This is the support behind big data. The projects that the white-collar workers of the company should enthusiastically operate every day - ordering takeaways, also use these technologies. Ma Yun Baba also said that data is the most important energy source in the 21st century, which shows the breadth and depth of Ma Yun's understanding of big data.
Products sold by Kinghelm on Alibaba

       Big data is everywhere in our lives. Friends who often go to Taobao and Tmall to buy things can feel that as long as we have bought or browsed things, if we enter the search again, we will find that we have purchased similar products. Or match products at the right price. These are pushed by Taobao backend based on the big data analysis of your browsing and purchases, to ensure that your friends can accurately buy the products they like, using the thousands of people and thousands of faces technology. Targeted to find target customers, and then deeply explore the needs of customers, so our store has only opened for more than a month. Through big data analysis of product keywords, antenna cables, and continuous upgrades and optimizations, it has been displayed on the homepage and started to make money. Now, in addition to our excellent products and services, big data also takes some credit.

The board end seat of the golden navigation mark kinghelm sold in Alibaba

       That's all for today, our Jinhangbiao e-commerce team will update articles from time to time. Welcome to our WeChat public account. For more products, please log in to the Jinhangbiao store (https://dgic2010.1688.com/) for details.

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