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How does zero foundation run Ali stores well? Some of my skills

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       Today, with the rapid development of Internet e-commerce, physical stores have suffered a huge impact. Therefore, opening online stores has become the first choice for young people to start businesses. Many inexperienced people have also opened online stores to join the e-commerce industry.But it's easy to open a shop and it's not easy to operate well.Through one month's efforts, our 1688 store of kingholm has been on the industrial brand station, the trading medal has reached 3 stars, and the cargo description has basically reached 7 stars.Let's talk about some tips on how to run your own store.


The radio frequency connecting line of kinghelm's popular product in 1688 mall


       In order to do a good job in the online sales of golden navigation mark products, I recentlymixWhen listening to the live broadcast and participating in the training in the business district, the most common question I heard from many small partners was why my store had no traffic, clicks, visitors, inquiries and trading orders,Are at a loss, do not know how to solve these problems. I'm also exploring the promotion and drainage. On the one hand, many small partners don't want to pay for promotion because of economic reasons. On the other hand, I don't know whether the paid promotion has an effect. On the other hand, the paid promotion has an unsatisfactory effect.In such an embarrassing situation, we should first understand that Alibaba's website is very humanized. Hundreds of scientists are studying this knowledge and have considered a lot for our beginners. Alibaba's background has many free tools for us to promote and drain. Don't leave these resources unused. Now our golden beacon kinghelm is preparing for the 917 merchant Festival, which is also a means of free promotion.


Golden beacon kinghelm participates in 917 merchant Festival


       Today is the 58th day I set foot in e-commerce. I groped for it from chunxiaobai and learned a lot at the same time.I summarize the following points in managing the store:


       1. Laying the foundation:The so-called foundation is that all items such as store decoration, goods and company introduction are optimized.The goods in the store should be optimized to 7 stars, which is conducive to comprehensive search and matching ranking. The higher the transaction medal, the better. At least 2 stars - you can participate in platform activities and maintain the store's score red - the store's ranking will be higher year-on-year, etc.After laying a good foundation, make every effort to drain. I believe many people know, but it is not clear how to operate the drainage.


Application diagram of kinghelm product of golden navigation mark


       2. Drainage:There are many ways of drainage. For small partners we want to promote for free, we need to work hard in various tools in Ali's background.For example:

       A:Bind your own official microblog and share some articles, commodities and other links from time to time.Rub microblogging hot search and send product pictures to increase our off-site traffic.

       B:Set up multiple groups of promotional activities, different types of activities:Full reduction, limited time promotion, including mail, coupons, popular amplifiers, etc. - strive to show more, stimulate customers to place orders (under the same conditions, the display of preferential goods is higher than that of non preferential goods), and then send these promotions dynamically.

       C:Go to Alibaba business district to send articles for interaction, go to business business questions and answers for interaction - increase store activity, and strive for more display, traffic and browsing. For example, our colleague Jia kunhai's article has been published in the headlines and has also obtained a lot of traffic.

       D:Participate in their own category activities, other activities on the platform, good goods sale, daily sale, weekend sale and other activities. Those who can participate should participate as much as possible - activity drainage

       E:The setting of the treasure of the town store -- what can be set should be set, and the hot money should be drained.

       F:Recommended in the window to make golden crown products.


Kinghelm's products in 1688 mall


       3. Tracking store data:When there are many visitors, you can see the problem by paying attention to your store data, and then analyze and solve the corresponding problems in detail.To do a good job in Ali stores, more and more sophisticated operations are needed, in which data is a link that can not be ignored.With data, there is a direction basis. Each adjustment can be indirectly reflected from the data changes.In this way, we can evaluate the real effect of the store, and the experience is accumulated from here.The operation index system of big stores is very rich. Novice sellers can focus on the following indicators:


       A:Store level:The business consultant compares the peers, including the number of views, visitors, store collections, product searches, payment orders, payment amount, etc.

       B:Key baby:Display, traffic, visitors, number of additional purchases, number of collections, number of paid pieces, payment amount, etc.

       C:Make tabular data.Record your operations according to the time, such as optimizing the title and doing discount activities, so that you can review the data in the future to know why the data will change.


Golden navigation mark products in 1688 Mall (plate end seat)


First of all, our golden beacon e-commerce team will update articles from time to time. Welcome to pay attention to our growth and our golden beacon kinghelm antenna in Alibaba store.


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