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Hard city and golden beacon reach cooperation, and it is imperative to replace domestic navigation

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Beidou - China's self-developed global satellite navigation system can provide all-weather, all-time and high-precision positioning, navigation and timing services for users all over the world. At present, the United States, China, Russia and Europe are the leaders of global satellite navigation systems.


Although GPS is still the mainstream positioning system in China. However, as an important national space infrastructure, whether for national security or economic benefits, it is imperative to realize the domestic substitution of navigation system. The Beidou third generation system to be networked does not have much difference in performance from GPS, and even better than GPS in some performance.


According to statistics, Beidou navigation accounted for only 5% of the output value of the whole satellite navigation industry in 2012, 20% in 2015 and a compound growth of 24% from 2012 to 2018. According to the medium and long term development plan of the national satellite navigation industry, the output value of the domestic satellite navigation and positioning industry will reach 400 billion yuan in 2020 (a compound annual growth of about 20%), of which Beidou system will contribute 60% (240 billion), and Beidou has a huge alternative space.


Navigation chip, module, board and antenna are the basis of Beidou system application. Chips, modules and boards determine the positioning accuracy of navigation products, which is as important as the CPU of a computer. At present, the key technical performance indexes of domestic Beidou chips, modules, boards and antennas are equivalent to those of similar international products, and have entered the stage of large-scale application. The antenna has been basically localized.


In terms of high-precision Beidou terminal equipment, foreign manufacturers (Trimble and novatel) currently occupy most of the market. With the breakthrough of technology, there is a large domestic substitution space in the high-precision board market.


Hard city cooperates with golden beacon

On September 9, 2019, located in the hard city as the most professional BOM service platform, it reached a strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Golden beacon Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "golden beacon") and signed an authorization agreement. Hard city has officially become the first-class agent of golden beacon, responsible for the sales and service of electronic components, Beidou antenna and other products.



Founded in 2007 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, golden navigation mark Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and dual soft certification enterprise in China. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of Beidou satellite navigation and Internet of things terminal application hardware, and provides customers with Beidou logistics information intelligent system solutions.

The "kinghelm" brand series products launched by the company are widely used in satellite navigation, location services, Internet of things, smart city and new energy vehicles, logistics information monitoring and settlement and other fields. It mainly includes: BDS / GPS satellite navigation module, high-precision positioning module, supporting series of antennas, IOT flow card, OBD, T-box and other vehicle intelligent hardware and logistics informatization solutions covering the whole process. At present, it is cooperating with China heavy truck, Nanjing Jinlong, BYD and other former loading plants and Aerospace Science and industry.

Golden beacon Product Center

1. Kinghelm Beidou / GPS dual-mode module kh-1612-ub8x


Function: locate and receive satellite signals, and then convert them into location information that can be recognized by your terminal equipment.

Features: small size, high accuracy, support bd2b1 and GPS L1 two frequency points at the same time, parallel dual 32 channels; Standard NMEA0183 data output, data refresh rate is 1Hz.

Scope of application: it is widely used in shipping, highway traffic, on-board monitoring, on-board navigation, handheld and item tracking.


2. Kinghelm Beidou / GPS antenna} kha-208


Function: the receiving antenna is used to receive and forward navigation signals, convert wireless navigation signals into electrical signals and transmit them to terminal equipment.

Features: convenient and small, easy to carry, with disk or 3M adhesive at the bottom of the antenna, small volume, light weight, easy installation, economical and practical. The phase center with high stability provides flexible antenna installation and placement.

Scope of application: all kinds of navigation, positioning and speed measurement.


3. Kinghelm RF cable kh-b80


Function: transmit radio frequency (RF) signal, provide shielding protection and prevent electromagnetic interference.

Features: it can transmit a wide frequency band, high defense against external interference, small antenna effect, small radiation loss, simple structure, convenient installation, economy and practicality.

Scope of application: communication, security, vehicle.


The "kinghelm" brand module antenna products of golden beacon company also include: g-mouse Internet of things integrated module, ceramic antenna, rubber rod antenna, shark fin antenna (4-in-1), which are widely used in security monitoring, "two passengers and one danger" vehicles and operation platform, Internet of vehicles T-box, OBD and other products to provide customers with efficient and thoughtful services.


Free samples

The person in charge of golden beacon said that golden beacon kinghelm cooperates with hard city, and both sides actively participate in the cooperation with good wishes. Hard city and golden beacon Electronics Co., Ltd. are pragmatic and innovative teams. Working together will bring better social and economic benefits.


This time, it has reached a strategic partnership with golden beacon. Hard city will give full play to the advantages of electronic components supply chain service platform and help golden beacon's own brand in business expansion and brand promotion in the domestic market. At present, hard city has tens of thousands of electronic engineers and enterprise registered users. Combined with its strong online sales ability and rich community resources, it will help golden beacon expand its market share and help the development process of Beidou antenna localization.


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