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Kinghelm launches special antenna for terrestrial digital TV set-top box

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In order to develop the international market, Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.bds666. Com) has developed a set-top box special antenna with large gain, long feeder and small signal attenuation, especially for the characteristics of poor local voltage stability, weak satellite signal and inconvenient cable laying in Southeast Asia. At present, it has been sold in large quantities to the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia, and has been highly praised by customers!

New products developed and produced by kinghelm

The product model of kinghelm brand is kh-f-tz, the signal gain is up to 5dB, the wire length is 5m, the high-quality RG59 pure copper coaxial cable is adopted, the impedance is 75 Ω, the joint is formed at one time, has good anti-corrosion and moisture-proof effect and long service life.

Products sold by kinghelm in 1688 mall

In order to open up the Southeast Asian and international markets for kinghelm's products, kinghelm has also developed and produced two other cable TV antennas suitable for European and American HDTV standards and American ASTC DVB-T standards, which are also selling well.

The golden beacon kinghelm is at 1Sold in 688 mallproduct

Kinghelm series products in golden beacon Alibaba( https://dgic2010.1688.com/ )Store sales, Lichuang Mall (www.szlcsc. Com) and AI Siyi (www.iceasy. Com) are sold simultaneously. You can search the home page of the website "golden beacon kingelm cable TV antenna".


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