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Kingholm launches a new round of product training

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On July 3, 2021, Shenzhen Golden navigation mark Co., Ltd. (www.bds666. Com) carried out a new round of product training. The training was hosted by the R & D Engineer of Tangxia factory for all golden navigation mark kinghelm employees. The training was mainly to strengthen the product training of business, increase the product knowledge reserve of all employees, and increase the understanding of Beidou GPS dual-mode antenna, adapter line Understanding of connector, SMA, type-C, IPEX board end seat, FPC connector and other products.



The training mainly focused on the three product segments of kingholm,For example, the newly launched BeidouGPSDual mode antenna, car antenna, antenna adapterRFRF coaxial connectorsmaConnectorsIPEXConnectorstype-cConnectorsFPCConnectors, etc. Through this training, golden beaconkinghelmAll employees have a further understanding of all products, which is convenient for better and more comprehensive customer service.

Tangxia factory's R & D engineers train golden navigation mark employees

Our R & D engineers first adopt the mode of on-site cognition of products, which not only makes the sales staff understand all products more intuitively and quickly, but also improves everyone's enthusiasm; Secondly, the on-site discussion session further deepened the understanding and understanding of key products and important knowledge points, pushed the training to a climax, and all participants are looking forward to the next training with excitement.


The R & D Engineer of Tangxia factory explained how to distinguish FPC connectors

This training can be of great help not only to the improvement of employees' own ability, but also to the company. Whether an enterprise can develop further, in addition to having a strategic leader and a perfect organizational structure, a strong team is essential, and the way to improve the strength of the team is naturally training. The improvement of individual ability is the improvement of team strength, and the improvement of team strength is the improvement of enterprise strength.

Golden beacon employees check the difference between FPC connectors

Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of kinghelm, attaches great importance to this. Therefore, he will organize training for employees from time to time in order to improve employees' ability in an all-round way. President song has always adhered to the strategy of talent introduction and talent going out. This training is a full reflection of the introduction of talents. This training is hosted by the R & D Engineer of Tangxia factory. Li Gong has a very deep research on Beidou GPS antenna, connector, adapter and other products, and the explanation of the products is very detailed. Song Shiqiang, general manager of jinhangbiao, is also a talented person who has been doing it all the time. This is not only true for employees, including general manager song Shiqiang himself and all senior executives of jinhangbiao kingelm. In June this year, general manager song Shiqiang and Mr. Zheng Zhangbiao, deputy general manager, went to Xiamen to attend the jiwei.com Summit for learning and exchange.



Golden beacon factory picture


Learning is boundless. The ancients said: learning without thinking is lost, and thinking without learning is dangerous. If you don't want to be eliminated by society, you need to keep learning and improving yourself. Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of jinhaibiao kingelm, spends at least two hours learning every day, which naturally drives the learning atmosphere of the whole company. Everyone wants to improve himself. Jinhaibiao kingelm organizes training from time to time, which undoubtedly creates opportunities for each employee to improve himself. This has also enabled the golden beacon kingholm Beidou GPS dual-mode antenna, adapter, connector, SMA, type-C, IPEX board end seat and other products to seize the market share, gain a firm foothold in the market and become a real well-known brand, making the golden beacon kingholm a solid step towards the world.

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