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Financial Professional Training for New Employees at Kinghelm and Slkor

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From the beginning of the year 2023 until May, 30 new employees have joined Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.com.cn) and Slkor (www.slkormicro.com), bringing the total number of employees to nearly a hundred. The company has reached an unprecedented level in terms of both quantity and quality of personnel. In order to help the new employees better understand the company’s Kingdee system, financial reimbursement, and payment processes, the company’s administrative department organized a training session conducted by Lin Yanxuan, the financial supervisor of Kinghelm and Slkor. The training was informative and easy to understand, and everyone expressed that they benefited greatly from it and gained a deep understanding.


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Training Outline

For this financial knowledge training, the financial supervisor, Ms. Lin, carefully prepared a PPT presentation that covered the following five topics: 1. Calculation and commission accounting of value-added tax with and without tax; 2. Daily expense reimbursement system and process; 3. Approval process for reimbursement in the OA system; 4. Regulations on reimbursement time and methods for attaching receipts; and 5. Precautions for operating the Kingdee system. The content was rich and comprehensive, and everyone participated with great enthusiasm.


Financial supervisor Lin Yanxuan explained financial knowledge to everyone

During the training, Supervisor Lin Yanxuan provided a detailed introduction to the company’s financial management system and processes, including financial reimbursement, payment processes, and invoice management. She also used practical examples to explain how to correctly fill out reimbursement forms, approve payment requests, and manage invoices, allowing new employees to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s financial management system and processes.

In addition, Supervisor Lin Yanxuan also focused on explaining the usage and precautions of the Kingdee system, enabling new employees to become more proficient in using the system for financial management. She emphasized the importance of financial management and reminded everyone to strictly adhere to the company’s financial management system, ensuring that it is standardized, transparent, and fair.


Financial training for new employees at Kinghelm and Slkor

The entire training process was relaxed and enjoyable, and the new employees actively participated and raised many questions. Supervisor Lin Yanxuan answered each one, allowing everyone to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of the company’s financial management system and processes.

Through this training, the new employees not only learned financial knowledge but also gained a better understanding of the company’s culture and values, enhancing their sense of belonging and identification with the company. They stated that they will strictly adhere to the company’s financial management system in their future work, ensuring that it is standardized, transparent, and fair, and contributing their own efforts to the company’s development.


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