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Warburg Technology - business vehicle management solutions

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Policy requirements

On July 16, 2014, Xinhua News Agency issued the Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Reform of the Official Vehicle System issued by the General Offices of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council.


The overall goal

Through reform, we will ensure that official trips are convenient and reasonable, that transportation costs are controllable, that vehicle management is standardized and transparent, and that oversight and accountability are scientific and effective, and that a new system of official vehicles is basically in place that suits China's national conditions.

System Construction Background

On December 11, 2017, the Measures for the Administration of Official Vehicles by Party and Government Organs opened up and standardized official trips, proposing to change the traditional mode of operation and management of official vehicles to achieve convenient and reasonable official trips, controllable transportation costs, standardized and transparent vehicle management, and scientific and effective supervision and accountability.

System introduction

The system consists of one center, five platforms constitute one center, and the official vehicle command and dispatch center has five platforms.


Working principle of integrated management platform for official Vehicles

Using mobile communication and computer technology, based on GPS/BDS/LBS three positioning mode, the dynamic data analysis of the vehicle automatic upload, processing, and with the help of PC/mobile end system platform of real-time monitoring, and system management of official vehicles, the rational allocation of transport resources, to achieve effective lower administrative costs, improve work efficiency, To ensure the objectives of business travel.

Information platform Architecture



By "Internet +" attribute of intelligent terminal hardware, built-in real-time operating system, quickly and efficiently implement of vehicle traveling data perception, acquisition and transfer of cloud, realization of vehicle positioning and trajectory tracking, record vehicles peccancy, insurance, maintenance, maintenance, fuel, such as information, ensure the data statistics and analysis is more scientific and efficient.

Information platform function - supervision and management platform


The supervision and management platform for official vehicles is composed of municipal organs and county (district) supervision platforms, which can provide a platform for the management of reformed official vehicles to the Vehicle Reform Office, government Offices Administration, discipline inspection commission, finance and other administrative departments, and must be able to fulfill the above three "supervision" functions.

Information platform function module


Business car hardware module: 4G vehicle-mounted positioning terminal



The application case

At present, the company's official vehicle management solutions have been applied to some municipal government vehicles, CNPC, state grid and other vehicle management. To achieve more convenient and efficient car, in charge, in charge of people.


Management of vehicle
Vehicle whereabouts at a glance, at any time to view the vehicle track, parking place/time and other information.


ThingsVehicle mileage, fuel consumption, track and other records, statistical statements query, print, analysis, et


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