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Kingholm sells RFID read-write tags throughout the network

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RFIDlabelNow it is indispensable in the production line of intelligent manufacturing industry, which can not only improve work efficiency, increase accuracy, but alsoCost savings。 In order to meet the market demand, golden beaconkinghelmwww.bds666. com)R & D and productionRFIDlabelKH-RFID-23-BQKH-RFID-20-BQAnd other models are sold in large quantities,It is applicable to the application fields such as warehouse inventory item positioning, shelf positioning, clothes and hats search positioning, book search positioning, file search positioning and so on.


  RFID read-write tag of kingholm products   KH-RFID-23-BQ  

 Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd(SHENZHEN KINGHELM ELECTRONCO., LTD.)It is a national high-tech and double soft certification enterprise,China satellite navigation AssociationSenior member unit.It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of Beidou satellite navigation and IOT terminal application hardware and the provision of logistics information intelligent platform solutions. “Kinghelm”The trademark is the original registration of golden navigation mark company, which has a very high popularity and reputation. R & D and production of a series of products are widely used in satellite navigation and positioning and other fields. It mainly includes:kinghelmSerialBeidouBDS/GPSAntenna, communication antennaWIFIAntennaTWSBluetooth headset, ceramic antenna, etc. Newly developedRFIDlabelCan be applied toRFIDIntelligent medical management,RFIDFile bill managementRFIDPublic security, procuratorial and judicial material evidence management,RFIDBank cash box and bill managementRFIDPower grid and patrol inspection managementRFIDAviation baggage managementRFIDLogistics automatic sortingRFIDPrecision agriculture, fishery intelligence and other fieldsCan communicate with customersORACLE / SAPParallel docking of other systems. 


  RFID read-write tag of kingholm products   KH-RFID-20-BQ  


Golden beaconkinghelmwww.bds666. com)R & D and productionRFIDLabel hasCompact and lightweightConvenient installationLong service lifeLong recognition distanceHigh sensitivityAnd other advantages, and has a high popularity in the industry. Golden beaconkinghelmofRFIDLabel modelKH-RFID-23-BQKH-RFID-20-BQstayLichuang mall(www.szlcsc. com), Huaqiang electronic network(https://www.hqew.com), Alibaba(https://dgic2010.1688.com/)Other e-commerce platformsAll for sale.


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