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SLKOR hosted the second "Hometown Food Festival" to celebrate the Lantern Festival

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On February 24th, the Lantern Festival, a unique event called the "Hometown Food Festival" was held at the headquarters of SLKOR Micro (www.slkoric.com) and Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net). General Manager Mr. Song Shiqiang said, "As a company with a human touch and people-oriented approach, SLKOR Micro Semiconductor and Kinghelm Electronics has always focused on the welfare and care of its employees. This event is also a thoughtful gesture and reward from the company to its employees." This is the second edition of the Hometown Food Festival, where colleagues from SLKOR Micro and Kinghelm actively participated. Whether from the southern regions of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, or the central regions of Shanxi, Henan, and even colleagues from the northeastern regions, each place has its unique culinary culture, and they brought characteristic local delicacies from their hometowns. Colleagues who traveled abroad during the Spring Festival holiday also brought back local delicacies and specialties from foreign countries. The cuisines from these countries and regions were showcased in this event.


Hometown Food Festival

The "Hometown Food Festival" event hosted by SLKOR Micro (www.slkoric.com) and Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) can be described as a mouth-watering feast, with nearly a hundred types of delicacies that leave one fully satisfied. The event featured not only local specialties such as Hunan's "sauce duck", "orchid root", and "stinky tofu", but also delicious dishes from other regions like Jiangxi's "longevity cake", "sour jujube cake", "moon rake", "stone cake", and "baked flatbread". Furthermore, there were many more delicacies from different regions within Guangdong province, such as "sugar rings", "green bean cakes", "eight-fruit cakes", "pig intestine cakes", and others. The variety and richness of flavors were overwhelming. Whether sweet, sour, salty, spicy, crispy, soft, or chewy, each dish showcased the unique local characteristics and traditional culture of its origin.




This event not only provided colleagues with the opportunity to taste various local delicacies, but also a chance for everyone to communicate and connect with each other. Amidst laughter and joy, colleagues shared their Spring Festival stories and hometown culture, deepening their understanding and emotional bond through the bridge of food. This cultural exchange and emotional communication activity helps to foster team cohesion and cooperation spirit, while also enriching the company's internal cultural atmosphere and creating a harmonious working environment. By sharing food and stories, colleagues have become closer to each other, enhancing friendship and solidarity. Such activities are not just a feast of food, but also a communication of emotions and souls between people, building a closer link and relationship within the company.



The "Hometown Food Festival" is not only a lavish feast but also an event that promotes team cohesion and employee relations. This event demonstrates the care and consideration that SLKOR Micro (www.slkoric.com) and Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) have for their employees, allowing everyone to feel the warmth and kindness of the company's extended family. SLKOR Micro and Kinghelm have always been people-oriented, placing emphasis on welfare guarantees and humanistic care, with this human touch running through the company's culture. Both SLKOR Micro and Kinghelm adhere to the corporate culture of "integrity," "progress," "perseverance," and "attention to detail," as well as the fair, open, and cooperative corporate ethics of "do not do unto others what you would not want done to yourself," promoting coordinated development with colleagues, suppliers, agents, customers, and society. Under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqiang, SLKOR Micro Semiconductor and Kinghelm Electronics are dedicated to researching new technologies and introducing new products, using technology and products to drive global development!



"Kinghelm, Connecting the World": Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.com.cn) initially launched antenna products, including Beidou GPS dual-mode antennas, Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, NB-IoT, LORA, UWB, Beidou [敏感词] antenna series, and supporting RF coaxial cables. The product line has now expanded to various connectors for boards and cables, board sockets, connectors, signal switch series, as well as automotive and motorcycle wire harnesses, special cables for industrial, medical, and scientific research purposes, and custom-made non-standard products in three major categories. Kinghelm's sister company, SLKOR Micro Semiconductor, sells products to customers worldwide, serving over ten thousand clients with its diode transistor, power device, and power management chip series. In recent years, SLKOR Micro has also introduced new products such as Hall sensors, ADCs, and BMS, working together with Kinghelm Electronics to provide supporting services for electronic integrated products companies.


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SLKOR Micro's high-end products including silicon carbide (SiC) diodes, SiC MOSFETs, IGBTs, fifth-generation ultra-fast recovery power diodes, etc. These products cater to the needs of industries such as new energy vehicles, high-end equipment, communication power devices, solar photovoltaics, medical equipment, industrial automation, and others. Additionally, SLKOR Micro offers a range of general-purpose products, such as Schottky diodes, ESD protection diodes, TVS transient suppression diodes, general-purpose diodes and transistors, as well as power devices including high, medium, and low voltage MOSFETs, thyristors, bridge stacks, and power management chips like LDOs, AC-DC converters, ADC chip series. They also provide complementary products such as Hall sensors, high-speed optocouplers, crystal oscillators, which are widely used in various applications including smartphones, laptops, robots, smart homes, IoT, LED lighting, 3C electronics, smart wearable devices, and IoT applications.


SLKOR alternative brands and models


"SLKOR Micro (www.slkoric.com) and Kinghelm Electronics, with a customer-centric approach and a commitment to humanistic care and technological innovation, continuously drives the development and progress of the enterprise. Whether in the high-end product field or the general-purpose product field, SLKOR Micro and Kinghelm demonstrates strong capabilities and broad application prospects, gradually becoming one of the outstanding players in the industry. In the future, SLKOR Micro and Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) will continue to leverage its strengths to create greater value for customers and make more contributions to society."


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