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Shenzhen Research Institute of Aerospace Science and industry group investigates jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd

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two thousand and twenty-oneyearthreemonthnineteenAerospace Science and Industry Group(http://www.casic.com.cnLeaders of Shenzhen Aerospace Technology Research Institute inspected jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. Communicate in a friendly and warm atmospherecommunicationYesaboutProducts of golden navigation mark companyApplication of commercial aerospace and supporting products, andLatentWith Aerospace Research InstituteCooperation opportunities , the two sides will carry out practical business cooperation next.

Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institutewww.szgs. casic. cnDawan District Project Departmentchief inspectorLiu ZhiyongSir, leadDawan district project manager Zhou LeiChen Lu, project director of Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research InstituteLi Zhao of the Ministry of industrial development and his party in the afternoonfifteenArrive at Golden navigation mark company on time. After Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden beacon, introduced the situation of golden beacon company, Cheng Yujie, deputy general manager of golden beacon introduced the system“kinghelm”Brand newly developedBeidouGPSMilitary grade antenna connectors and other products, and explain the development direction and strategic layout of golden beacon company.Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research InstituteLi Zhao of the Ministry of industrial development also gave a detailed introduction to the participation team of jinhaibiaoShenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research InstituteAnd the purpose of this investigation to golden navigation mark company.Liu ZhiyongZhou LeiIt also inquired in detail about the technical background of the backbone team personnel of golden navigation mark company, testing and production equipment, customer situation, microwave and RF technology reserves, etc. golden navigation mark company also replied truthfully one by one. Then,Liu Zhiyong, aerospace industry technology research instituteBrowse the qualification, honor, Beidou patent and other certificates obtained by jinhangbiao company in recent years, and observe and experience the experience of jinhangbiao companyBeidou antennaBeidou intelligent small terminal, Beidou5GNavigation, positioning and communication two in one shark fin antenna and other products.


China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CASIC")Aerospace Science and Industry, English:China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited  , abbreviation:CASIC)It is a super large state-owned high-tech enterprise directly managed by the central government, formerly known asone thousand nine hundred and fifty-sixyeartenThe Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of national defense established in June has successively experienced the seventh Ministry of machinery industry(one thousand nine hundred and eighty-oneThe eighth Ministry of machinery industry was incorporated into the Ministry of aerospace industry, the Ministry of aerospace industry, China Aerospace Industry Corporation and China Aerospace electromechanical Corporation. existingfiveResearch institutestwoScientific research and production basessixListed companiesfive hundred and eightyThere are more than enterprises and institutions all over the country. Existing employeestwelve point sevenMore than 10000 people of all kindsProfessional techniciansexceed40%。 Among various talent teams, academicians of the two academies have been trained successivelyfifteenName, externaltwelveAcademicians are senior consultants and consultants of the science and Technology Committee of the group company, and have a large number of well-known national experts and scholars. Have multiplekey state laboratories, technological innovation center, achievement incubation center and scientific research and production system with complete professional categories.one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nineyearsevenMonth,China Aerospace electromechanical CorporationEstablished,two thousand and oneyearsevenIn June, it was officially renamed ChinaAerospace Science and Industrygroup.



Mr. Song Shiqiang said that the golden beaconkinghelmwww.BDS666. com)Company entryBeidou antennaSince the beginning of the communication connecting line industry, it has maintained friendly cooperation with aerospace science and industry groupI used to buy a lotAerospace Science and Industry GroupSubordinate unitsBeidou of Xi'an Aerospace Huaxun companygpsRF chip,Combined with the Beidou baseband chip and algorithm of Beidou core,Machining set becomeskinghelm”Brand Beidou navigation module sales, Beidou antenna connector with alloy navigation aids and other products hit the market together,The products have also entered China Ordnance Group, Nanjing Jinlong and BYDbydNanjing Ford Motor Co., Ltd, sinotruketc.With the Beidou satellite systemBDSAs it becomes more and more mature, the application market of Beidou is becoming larger and larger, and the two sides will have great cooperation in the future.



Aerospace Science and Industry Shenzhen (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to asgroup)It's a familyChina Aerospace Science and Industry CorporationChina Aerospace Science and Industry Aviation Technology Research Institute, GuizhouAerospace IndustryLimited liability companyChina Aerospace Science and industry Defense Technology Research InstituteA large group company jointly funded by Tiantong computer application technology center. The group company consists of core layer (Group Headquarters), close layer (holding company) and non close layer(Joint stock company)Composition: the group company builds the company's reputation on the basis of advanced manufacturing industryCore competitiveness, focusing on Cultivation and developmentSmart gridCommercial air conditioner, precision cutting tools, satellite receivers and other products to cultivate pillar industries of advanced manufacturing industry; Based on the modern service industry, the company realizes the sustainable and scientific development of the company, establishes the foundation for the development of the company, and provides a solid guarantee for the subsequent development of the company through the balanced development of foreign trade, real estate and tourism business. The group company attaches importance to the unity of value maximization and strives to improveenterprise valuesatisfyshareholder valueAndindividual valuesAt the same time, we should increase social value. Develop trade business, expand the company's business scale, develop real estate property and tourism service business, and enhance the company's profitability. Through the efficient integration of social resources and the establishment of well-known service brands, the group company will be a large and sustainable company with competitive strength and profitability. The company hopes to become a group company based on its own technology, led by professional manufacturing, assisted by modern service industry, combined with technology, industry and trade, with strong competitiveness and profitability.



Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute Liu ZhiyongDuring the inspection of golden navigation mark, he also paid a visit to Sarkozy micro, a subsidiary of golden navigation mark companyslkormicroSilicon carbide of semiconductor companysicHe junju, marketing director of Sacco micro, was very interested in the products. He junju introduced Sacco microslkorwww.slkormicro. com)Silicon carbidesic mosMaterial technology and application market of FET.Liu ZhiyongMr. said that the Beidou of the golden navigation mark by the aerospace industry technology research instituteB3Frequency point military grade antenna and Sacco micro silicon carbidesicMaintaining strong interest in new materials, new technologies and new applications is also the development layout and investment direction of Aerospace Science and industry. The two sides must strengthen communication and interaction in the future,Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research InstituteGolden beaconkinghelm, Sarkozy microslkorThere will be great cooperation in the future. Golden beaconkinghelmDeng Haifeng, the company's production director, and Zhou Zhao, the sales manager, attended the meeting.


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