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Homesickness, chasing the New Year flavor of Xichong, Sichuan

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Author Profile:

Name: Song Yuanming

Position: Sales Manager of the Foreign Trade Department at Kinghelm

Hometown: Sichuan Province,China

Vision of Struggle: Enhance foreign trade performance, create a brilliant chapter, and showcase the outstanding style of the foreign trade department!




This year's Spring Festival, our family decided to drive back home to celebrate the Chinese New Year. My hometown is located in Xichong County, Sichuan Province, China where there is a village full of memories waiting for our return. On the way back, my dad and I took turns driving. Despite feeling slightly tired, the longing for home and the excitement of the Lunar New Year kept us steadfast. While the scenery outside the car window changed constantly, the joy and laughter of the family never ceased. We shared our stories, reminisced about the past, and it seemed like the long journey was shortened by this warm atmosphere. Day and night, we finally arrived at our long-awaited hometown. After a brief rest at the hotel, my dad, mom, and I specially tasted the hometown's rice noodles and buns, which still carried the flavors we remembered. Subsequently, I embarked on a journey to seek homesickness with my dad.



Returning Home Journey


Xichong's Rice Noodles and Steamed Buns


In this land filled with countless stories, every inch of soil holds the memories of our hometown, and every landscape tugs at our homesickness. I followed closely in my father's footsteps, watching the radiant smile on his face and his brisk pace, as he recounted the little details of his childhood. These anecdotes, like sweet springs, nourished my heart and allowed me to deeply feel the warmth and affection of my hometown. These memories are like a weighty historical scroll, showcasing the glorious history of our family and embodying our endless yearning and love for our homeland. Every step we take is a tracing of the past, an expectation of the future, and a profound longing for our hometown.


Strolling in the Fields of My Hometown


When visiting relatives and friends, our family received a warm welcome from the local people in our hometown. Everyone was joyful and open-hearted, sharing the bits and pieces of life and joy from the past year. During our conversations, we presented red envelopes as New Year gifts to express our blessings and care for them. In return, they generously gave us local specialties unique to our hometown, allowing us to taste the delicious flavors of home and feel their love and warm hospitality towards us. Such exchanges filled our hearts with gratitude, deepening the affection and friendship between us all.



Hometown Cuisine


Returning to my hometown, I not only felt the deep love of my family but also experienced the unique warmth of my hometown. These beautiful memories are deeply imprinted in my heart, making me love my hometown even more and cherish everything in front of me. In this land, I found a true sense of belonging; this is where my eternal roots lie.



Bustling Market


On the eve of Chinese New Year, the bustling market for New Year goods spreads across every street and alley. The sides of the streets are filled with colorful stalls selling a variety of festive ingredients, captivating the eyes of passersby. Fresh sticky rice cakes, tender poultry and fish, and a wide array of candies and melon seeds create a dazzling display of New Year goods. People carefully select their desired items, bargaining with smiles on their faces while immersing themselves in the festive atmosphere. As night falls, the streets and squares become even more lively, teeming with crowds. They ignite vibrant fireworks, painting the night sky with a poetic touch.



The fireworks blooming on the square

When mentioning my hometown, Xichong County in Sichuan Province, it is known for its rich and diverse culinary culture, which is truly unique. During the Chinese New Year, every household prepares a series of traditional and delicious dishes that are simply mouthwatering.


First and foremost, the homemade sausages of my hometown deserve a special mention. During the festive season, families take the initiative to make their own sausages. It involves mixing pork, spices, salt, and other seasonings together, stuffing them into casings, and then hanging them in a well-ventilated area to dry. After a period of natural drying, the sausages become firm in texture and have a distinct flavor, exuding an enticing aroma.


There are various ways to cook the sausages, including steaming, frying, or stewing. During the New Year's Eve dinner, the sausages are often thinly sliced and served as a cold appetizer for family members to enjoy. The savory and delicious taste leaves a lasting impression. Additionally, sausages can be stewed with other ingredients such as vegetables, tofu, etc., resulting in exquisite dishes that are a feast for both the eyes and the palate.



The cured meat sausages on the dining table


In addition, the process of making sausages is filled with the warmth of home and the charm of familial bonds. Family members gather together, making sausages while chatting and sharing stories and joy. This collaborative process turns sausages into not just a delicious dish, but also a vessel for emotions and memories.


Apart from sausages, cured meat is also a must-have delicacy during the Chinese New Year in our hometown. We select high-quality pork, cure and smoke it to create aromatic and flavorful cured meat. Whether stir-fried, stewed, or steamed, cured meat showcases its unique charm and becomes a splendid highlight on the New Year's dinner table.


When Sichuan people dine out, there is often an indispensable delicacy on the table, which is the cold tossed Chinese knotweed roots. Chinese knotweed roots, also known as fish mint, are a unique vegetable in the Sichuan region, known for its distinct aroma and texture. On Sichuan people dining tables, cold tossed Chinese knotweed roots are a highly popular appetizer, beloved for their crispy and refreshing texture and unique flavor.



The cold tossed Chinese knotweed roots, an essential dish on the Sichuan people dining table


In addition, our Sichuan-style Mapo Tofu is a dish that leaves a lasting impression. We use tender and silky tofu, paired with flavorful and spicy doubanjiang (fermented bean paste) and tender minced beef, stir-fried to create a dish that is visually appealing, aromatic, and delicious. The numbingly spicy and savory taste of Mapo Tofu makes it irresistible, leaving you wanting more.


Apart from these traditional delicacies, our hometown also boasts many other specialty snacks such as sour and spicy noodles, spicy hot pot, and skewers. These foods have their own unique characteristics and offer a rich range of flavors. Whether enjoyed as snacks or meals, they satisfy people's taste buds.


As we savor these hometown delicacies, we gather together, sharing stories and experiences with our loved ones and friends. We speak freely, discussing the joys and sorrows of the past year, and sharing each other's growth and achievements. This intimate exchange not only strengthens the bond between family members but also allows us to cherish the precious moments spent with our loved ones and friends. Every word spoken and every laughter shared becomes a warm memory deeply imprinted in our hearts.


Time flies, and the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival becomes stronger as we engage in joyful conversations and intimate interactions with our loved ones and friends. This beautiful holiday is drawing to a close unnoticed. In the blink of an eye, with a heavy heart, our family heads back home. As the scenery of our hometown gradually recedes outside the car window, the longing for home intensifies. Every landscape frame becomes a deep memory in our hearts, and every glance back is a profound attachment to our hometown.


On the way back home, my family and I discuss future plans and aspirations. Although parting is inevitable, this separation is for a better reunion next time, and our sentimental attachment to our hometown will never fade. Along the journey, we gather abundant memories and emotions, strengthening our love and longing for our hometown.


Good luck to the company as it starts its work


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