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Why is the active GPS antenna signal better? Why?

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Through the tracking and summary of user experience, it is found that the signal of active GPS antenna is obviously better than that of passive GPS antenna. Many people don't understand this conclusion. Why are there such obvious differences between the two? Next, let's discuss why the active GPS antenna signal is better and why?

  1、 Antenna external power supply

The biggest difference between active GPS antenna and passive GPS antenna is actually the difference of power supply mode. The power supply mode of active antenna is realized by external power supply. This power supply is different from the household power supply we usually use. The function of this power supply is not only power supply, but also the function of transmitting enhanced signals. Passive GPS antenna has no external special power supply, so it has no signal enhancement function, and its signal strength is not as strong as that of active antenna.

  2、 Including signal amplifier

Another reason for the strong signal of active GPS antenna is that it contains two-stage low noise amplifier. This amplifier can amplify the signal from the front end of the active antenna. The amplified antenna can directly reach the position of receiving the signal through the transmission of the internal circuit, so that the effect of signal reception is stronger than that of the passive antenna. Moreover, since the received signal is completed inside the equipment, there is no other external interference, resulting in very low signal attenuation rate and very good received signal effect.

  3、 Installation position of antenna

Since the signal installation position of the active GPS antenna is more ideal than that of the passive GPS antenna, the signal attenuation of the active antenna is weaker in the actual use process, while the signal attenuation of the passive antenna is very serious in the use process, resulting in the received signal will be very weak.

  Active GPS antennaIt has different use effects from passive GPS antenna, so their real application environment is also different.


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