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The mobile communication NB IOT module helps the intelligent smoke sensor "enter the homes of ordinary people"

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On March 9, the "5g intelligent smoke sensing technology development trend industry closed door seminar" hosted by 5g Internet of things industry alliance was successfully held in Huizhou, Guangdong. Guests from emergency management departments, Community streets, operators, module suppliers, smoke sensing manufacturers and other industrial chain enterprises were gathered to give suggestions and suggestions to promote the deployment of intelligent smoke sensing industry in tens of millions of scale.As a leader in the IOT module industry, mobile communication was invited to deliver a keynote speech, focusing on the product lineup of mobile NB IOT and its application in the intelligent smoke industry.


With the improvement of living standards and the development of Internet of things technology, all kinds of intelligent devices are everywhere in different corners, making people's life more convenient, efficient, safe and calm. As a key part of intelligent fire protection, intelligent smoke detector has the functions of multi-party linkage alarm and real-time online monitoring, and plays an irreplaceable important role in fire prevention and control.


All-weather online, all-round protection

When it comes to intelligent smoke sensing, the most representative and most recognized in the market is the intelligent smoke sensing equipped with Nb IOT communication module. In recent years, driven by multiple positive factors such as the increasingly sophisticated NB IOT technology and the continuous improvement of industrial policies, Nb IOT intelligent smoke sensor has gradually opened the market and realized large-scale landing applications in "nine small places" and resident families.

He Gang, marketing director of mobile communication, was invited to deliver a speech

NB IOT intelligent smoke detector stands out mainly due to the characteristics of wide coverage, low power consumption, large connection and low cost of Nb IOT technology.

Once the fire is detected, this type of intelligent smoke detector can not only send out audible and visual alarm immediately, but also transmit the fire situation and location information to mobile app, cloud platform, SMS and other channels in real time through NB IOT network for three-dimensional alarm. At the same time, it can also send relevant information to fire departments, community staff, property managers, etc., so as to avoid fire accidents as much as possible and minimize the losses caused by fire.

Based on the real-time online function of Nb IOT module, relevant managers can also monitor the running state of smoke detector and record the results 24 hours, which can ensure that the smoke detector is always in normal working state and effectively save labor cost.

In addition, Nb IOT intelligent smoke detector also has the advantages of no wiring, ultra-low power consumption and price, which greatly reduces the difficulty of terminal deployment and maintenance cost, and is more and more popular.


Move away from Nb IOT module

Fully meet the needs of the industry


Mobile communicationNB-IoTmodule

As the world's leading provider of Internet of things solutions, Huayuan is actively committed to the ecological construction of Nb IOT and works with industrial chain enterprises to promote the large-scale implementation of Nb IOT intelligent smoke detector. The intelligent smoke detector equipped with mobile NB IOT module is widely used in "nine small places", old community reconstruction, tourist attractions, emergency hospitals, resident families and other scenes, and has accumulated rich industry experience.

In the field of Nb IOT, mobile communication started earlier and developed faster, creating an updated and more perfect module product portfolio in the industry. By the third quarter of 2020, moving farNB-IoTModule shipments have exceeded 50 million, and large-scale implementation has been achieved in many industries such as smart meters, smart door locks, white appliances, shared travel, smart wear, smart cities and so on.

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