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How to design Beidou Positioning antenna? What design principles should we grasp?

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Introduction: during the actual design of Beidou Positioning antenna, it is basically designed in combination with rich experience in the industry and unique theoretical knowledge. So what principles should we grasp in the design process?

  1. Understand common antenna types

A wide range of designs cover a variety of different design types. Even Beidou Positioning antenna will have different types when designing. If you want to make a good design, you must understand the size or efficiency and other aspects. Only in this way can you analyze all designs in many aspects, so as to make the whole antenna give full play to the best performance.

  2. Consider the internal circuit board structure

The internal circuit board structure of Beidou Positioning antenna is more important, because generally, the routing length of different circuit boards will determine the frequency of each antenna. The higher the frequency, the shorter the routing length, and the wider the area that each antenna needs to reserve on the whole equipment. In this case, the surrounding area may be considered.

  3. Select the appropriate plane

When all Beidou Positioning antennas work, they must finally be associated with the ground plane, because they must have an effective flat ground plane. The shape or size of the ground plane relative to the antenna will directly affect the performance or impedance of the original antenna. The ground plane should correspond to the edge of the antenna, so as to keep them away from the whole area.

  Beidou Positioning antennaIf you want to make a good design, it is not as simple as expected. Because more designers and engineers are needed to design, the above design principles should be paid attention to in advance.


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