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How to select a good Beidou external antenna? What are the selection criteria?

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Beidou external antenna can be used in many places, so what selection criteria should be mastered when selecting so many external antennas? Maybe most buyers don't know much about it at all in the selection process. We might as well take a look at it together.

  1. Antenna application

Although Beidou external antennas can meet the actual use needs of different places, their use occasions will be different. For example, some people may consider using it in some quiet environment, while others may consider using it in an open place, and others may connect this antenna at the base. In the process of use in different occasions, there will be special requirements for the whole antenna, so it is best to select in combination with the use occasions.

  2. Antenna erection method

During the actual erection of Beidou external antenna, the selection of antenna must take into account the erection site of all users and the final planned direction. The existing antenna design is directly related to the height and waveform length. These antennas should be installed in the middle of the roof as much as possible. If you want to install, you should also consider the vertical wave generated by the installation of the strategy.

  3. Antenna cost

The cost of Beidou external antenna is very important, which should reflect the moderate spirit of all amateur antennas. In terms of performance, we must highlight the characteristics of the brand. Generally speaking, the performance of products with higher prices is superior. When setting up a radio station, it is best to fully investigate the information of various antennas.

  Beidou external antennaHow can I choose the right one? When choosing, we must understand all aspects of the situation.


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