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Inspection and quality control of wiring harness processing

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In the process of wire harness processing, each link should be well controlled. After the product is formed, its wire diameter and appearance must be inspected, so as to effectively ensure the quality of its line. In the process of wire harness processing and production, each link needs to ensure that it meets its national standards.

During harness processing, the product quality can be controlled directly through the inspection of its circuit, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient production. The control standard of product quality must be well done, so that the current situation can be effectively analyzed.

Do a good job in each link during harness processing, and control its production quality from the source, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of its products and do a real high-efficiency and high-quality production.

In the process of harness processing, its length also includes the total length of the whole harness, the length of each branch in the product and the length of flying interval between wire ends. In fact, the product is composed of many harnesses in the process of processing, mainly including branch harness and main harness.

During harness processing, the composition of each harness and the branches on all harnesses shall be clearly marked, and the number of wires, the color and stripe of wires, as well as the code and mark on the wiring shall be indicated on the branches of each harness.

If the wire harness processed and formed by the harness exceeds its service life in the process of use, such a situation will easily lead to the aging of its products and the rupture of the insulating layer. In this way, the mechanical strength of the equipment will decline to a great extent during operation, resulting in short circuit and open circuit of the equipment.


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