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Several common classifications of FFC flat wire electrical connectors

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FFC cable electrical connectors are an important part in countless electronic equipment because they all promote and protect the transmission of electrical signals. An ideal connector is designed to withstand pressure, oil, water and vibration. Other suitable qualities include low cost, compact size, durability, simple tools and high insulation value. Power connectors are widely used in communication applications, computers, industrial machinery and consumer electronics. Power connectors are classified according to different millimeter pin spacing (spacing), number of pins, number of rows, etc., including:

FFC connector: flat cable (FFC) consists of a thin rectangular copper conductor sandwich between two layers of insulating polyester. These copper wires are tinned to make electrical contact and connection. This type of cable is a straight line to a connection that needs to be used.

FPC connector: flexible printed circuit board (FPC) has a similar structure to FFC connector, except that there is no FFC copper film chemical etching to produce a specific pattern. Although these circuits are customized for each application, various shapes and geometries can solve difficult packaging problems. Ribbon cable ribbon cable connectors are designed for multiple connectors such as IDC. Many IDC connections can be made at one time. There are many applications that need connections in a time-saving way. These connectors are designed to be reusable, but can often be reused when care is taken to remove the cable.

PCB connector, printed circuit board (PCB) mounting terminal allows individual wires to be connected to the circuit board. The wiring terminals installed on the circuit board are welded to the circuit board, but they can be in a pull-out version, which allows half of the block connecting wires to be pulled out from the welded to PCB part. For example, in equipment using these connectors for data, measurement and control technology, as well as power and industrial electronic products, DIN connector: DIN connector is a connector that conforms to one of many standards defined by din. Din connectors are widely used in personal computers. For example, the keyboard connector computer is a DIN connector Din 41612 connectors are widely used to connect network devices, such as routers and switches.

USB interface: USB connects computer peripheral devices, such as mouse, keyboard, camera, printer, flash memory, USB cable, USB hub, USB wireless device, USB booster, USB extension cable, USB hard disk drive extension cable, USB connector, USB serial adapter and USB 3.0 PCMCIA interface: PCMCIA (personal computer memory card International Association) connector (also known as "PC card" connector) is used to connect PCMCIA peripherals to computers, general laptops.


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