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How to choose dual band GPS antenna? What are the selection criteria for different scenarios

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Guide: when choosing GPS antenna, most people may also consider various selection criteria. How to select dual band GPS antenna should be understood by everyone in the process of selection in combination with the actual situation.

  1. Selection of buildings

In fact, different dual band GPS antennas are needed in this design scheme. If the two want to communicate effectively from one building to another, each building should be equipped with relevant antennas, and the directions should be indicated to each other in the antennas. Ensure that there are no obstacles between the two conditions and that there is a clear view.

  2. Antenna in office

In order to provide wireless coverage to the internal office space, an antenna with 360 degree wireless coverage can be considered. In the actual setting process of dual band GPS antenna, ceiling antenna can be considered, because the gain radiation direction of this antenna is basically circular shape, has good vertical and horizontal coverage, and can be connected with notebook computers, printers and tablet computers.

  3. Use of warehouse antenna

Many warehouses may be covered by dual band GPS antennas. In this case, all these antennas can be installed on the ceiling. These antennas can provide 360 degree coverage for barcode readers, laptops and tablets in the warehouse area. When accepting these antennas, the original dual band antenna beam width can also be considered.

  Dual band GPS antennaThere will be different requirements in different fields. If you don't have a thorough understanding of the antenna during the actual construction, you can consult a professional manufacturer.


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