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What are the classifications of 5g communication antennas? How to understand 5g communication antenna?

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Introduction: with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, there are breakthroughs in technologies in various fields. For example, in the field of communication, 5g technology, as a new technology, began to show in front of the world. There may be many friends who don't know much about 5g communication antenna technology. Next, let's talk about the classification of 5g communication antenna? How to understand 5g communication antenna?

  1、 Classification of 5g communication antennas

Small cells, antenna poles, towers and indoor and home systems are all special facilities for 5g base stations. Here, small cells are the most important feature of 5g network, especially for the new millimeter wave frequency with short connection range. At present, 5g will be combined with 4G network. In many cases, 4G base stations will also be used in other 5g devices.

  2、 The 5g base station will automatically minimize the transmitter power

5g technology uses the latest advanced radio and core architecture. The efficiency of this architecture is very high. It can greatly reduce the relevant transmission that meets the service requirements, and optimize the level of EMF to a certain extent. 5g network controls the power level of equipment at the lowest level, so as to complete satisfactory communication.

  3、 Compliance area around 5g communication antenna station

Although 5g equipment technology and network standards are still in the process of development, in terms of the expected target, the scope of its compliance area is similar to similar mobile technologies using transmitter power.

  5g communication antennaThe application of technology will greatly increase the convenience of communication and bring more benefits to public life. After reading the above content, I believe you have a certain understanding of relevant 5g technology. Interested friends can continue to pay attention to the development of 5g technology in our country.


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