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[cluster core group] how to select connectors with high reliability? These 15 points must be taken into account!

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 Advantages and applications of connectors  

Connector is an indispensable part in electronic equipment, and it has many kinds and a wide range of applications. For example, there are it host internal connectors, host peripheral connectors (I / O), equipment connectors and mobile phone connectors; Industrial connector, automobile connector, new energy connector, etc

Why do you have to use connectors?

If there is no connector, the circuits shall be permanently connected together with continuous conductors.

For example, to connect the electronic device to the power supply, both ends of the connecting wire must be firmly connected with the electronic device and the power supply by some method (such as welding). This brings a lot of inconvenience to production and use, and the production and use costs will increase greatly, which is very unfavorable to the improvement of productivity.

Take chestnuts, for example, for car batteries without connectors.

Assuming that the battery cable is fixed and firmly welded on the battery, the automobile manufacturer will increase the workload for installing the battery, which will not only greatly increase the manpower, but also increase the additional production time and cost.

When the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced, the maintenance personnel must first remove the old one and then weld the new one. The welding process alone is troublesome enough.

If you use a connector, it's much simpler. If the battery is broken, just buy a new battery, disconnect the connector, remove the old battery, install a new one, and reconnect the connector.

The above is just a simple case of linker in production and life. The invention of connector makes the design and production process more convenient and flexible, and greatly reduces the production and maintenance cost

We can more intuitively understand the impact of connectors on production efficiency and cost through the following table.

Influence of connector on industrial production

Improve production efficiency

Simplify the assembly process and greatly improve the mass production efficiency

Convenient maintenance

It can quickly replace failed parts and reduce the cost of manpower and production tools

Easy upgrade

Components can be updated at any time when connectors are installed

Flexible design

Engineers are more flexible in designing, integrating and composing systems with components

There are various ways and structures of connectors, and different connectors are configured according to the application target, frequency, output power, application scenario, etc. For example, the connectors for stadium spotlights, disk drives and ignition arrows are very different.

However, no matter what connector it is, it must ensure that the current flow is smooth and continuous.Therefore, a high-quality connector must meet the following basic conditions:

Stable contact resistance


Mechanical toughness

Easy installation

Small size

High density and light weight

Good engagement and separation

Low meshing force

Guide protection

Charging connection performance


Anti electromagnetic radiation

Simple harness assembly

Easy maintenance

Insulator: wide temperature range, self extinguishing

There are many kinds of connectors in the market, and the quality is also very different. New students often don't know how to choose connectors with good quality, favorable price and guaranteed quality.

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