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MIMO antenna isolation technology and isolation device

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 With the development of 5g technology in full swing, 5g mobile phone shipments are gradually increasing. The latest 5g mobile phone has more than a dozen 5g antennas. Under the current mainstream antenna configuration, the 4G low-frequency antenna adopts 2xmimo, the 5g frequency band antenna adopts 4xmimo, the GPS frequency band is dual antenna, and the Wi Fi frequency band is dual frequency 2xmimo. In addition, considering the hand holding state, a 4 / 5G diversity (horizontal screen) antenna is set in the middle of the side to ensure the signal quality at any time. So many antennas have occupied almost all the sides of the mobile phone, and there are multiple mutual interference risks of the same frequency and close to the frequency, which greatly improves the design difficulty. In contrast, in the 4G era of mobile terminals, the number of antennas has never reached double digits. For the coupling interference of multiple antennas, the following technical report gives a detailed discussion and analysis, and gives a more effective solution.
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