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5g thinking - 5g development at the right time

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Mobile communication technology is a generation every decade. At present, it is a period of transition from 4G to 5g in the global mobile communication network. China's layout of 5g network at the forefront of the world to promote the innovative development of 5g applications is an appropriate decision to meet the needs of national and industrial development.

First of all, using 5g to expand economic development space is the need of current national strategic development.

At present, China has entered a new stage of promoting economic development with technological innovation. The outline of the 14th five year plan emphasizes that we must adhere to deepening the supply side structural reform, and lead and create new demand with innovation driven and high-quality supply. In order to ensure high-quality and sustainable economic development, China needs to broaden the space for economic growth through cutting-edge technological innovation, and China already has such capacity and foundation through years of technological catch-up and capital accumulation


At this stage, it is the best choice to build 5g network and explore and broaden the space for economic growth. 5g is one of the core key technologies in the new round of scientific, technological and industrial revolution. It will integrate with technologies such as Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. It is not only possible to form a series of new business forms and become a new driving force for economic growth, but also possible to empower various fields of economy and society and bring revolutionary changes in economic form and even social form. According to the prediction of China information and Communication Research Institute, it is estimated that by 2025, the network investment of 5g mobile telecom operators will be about 1.2 trillion yuan; The cumulative scale of information consumption will exceed 8.3 trillion yuan; It has directly driven the total economic output of about 10.1 trillion yuan.

At present, China is one of the important leaders of 5g technical standards, and has advantages in equipment, network and application. In 2019, the global 5g commercial network will be deployed synchronously with the world to explore the development of 5g applications, which will help to transform China's leading technological innovation advantages into market innovation advantages, and accumulate the experience of using technological innovation to build new industries and new ecology in this process. This experience will be precious for China's long-term development in the future.

Of course, as a global pioneer, using 5g innovation to expand market space will inevitably face more risks and investment. In the 3G / 4G period, China, as a follower in the field of mobile communication, developed the mobile Internet, reduced the investment in cultivating mature commercial equipment and network, reduced the risk of uncertain market changes, and achieved great success. However, in contrast to other developed economies, as leaders of global 3G / 4G innovation, although they bear greater risks and costs for innovation, they also obtain greater benefits, including determining the status of products and application standards, establishing industrial ecology, selecting the best market in the world, establishing industrial threshold, etc. Risks and benefits are in direct proportion. Today's internal and external development environment has made China urgently need to participate in the competition of cutting-edge technologies and markets. Therefore, it is necessary to promote 5g business exploration and innovation.

Secondly, the growth of mobile user traffic promotes network capacity expansion, and the evolution of mobile network to 5g follows the trend.

In recent years, with the decline of mobile traffic charges and the enrichment of mobile Internet applications, the traffic of mobile users has continued to grow. The novel coronavirus pneumonia and the new lifestyle of "home" have further pushed up the demand for mobile Internet applications. Short video, live broadcast, online video education, online conferencing and other large traffic application scenarios have become the mainstream applications of user consumption, and promote the rapid growth of mobile Internet traffic. In 2020, China's mobile Internet access traffic increased by 35.7% over the previous year, and the annual average monthly mobile Internet traffic (Dou) reached 10.35gb/household & middot; In June, it increased by 32% over the previous year, 13.6 times the average household flow in 2016. With the growth of user traffic, the utilization rate of 4G network in hot areas of some first tier cities has reached 90% during the peak period, and the user experience has been affected. With the continuous improvement of mobile user data traffic, China's original network is difficult to support the business needs of many users, and there is an urgent need for a network that can carry more capacity.

Under this trend, the original mobile network is in urgent need of upgrading and capacity expansion, and the evolution to 5g network is the general trend. China's 5g adopts medium and low frequency networking, and 5g and 4G base stations basically achieve the same site, that is, the number of 5g base stations is basically the same as 4G. The capacity of 5g single base station is more than 10 times that of 4G base station, and the price is about 2 times. This means that the cost performance of 5g base station construction is more than 5 times that of 4G. Of course, 5g network also faces problems such as high base station energy consumption and network optimization. However, in general, the current construction of 5g network is more favorable both in the short term and in the long term.


Finally, the process of economic and social digital transformation is accelerating, which needs the support of 5g infrastructure.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought about a great negative impact on the economy and society, and has also accelerated the process of digital transformation in various fields, enabling 5G to integrate more and more emerging technologies into thousands of industries. On the one hand, epidemic prevention and control makes more entrepreneurs and managers realize the value of digitization and the necessity of investment. According to the survey report of Tsinghua University, the proportion of enterprises willing to carry out digital transformation after the epidemic is over 53%, far more than in the past. On the other hand, the epidemic situation has stimulated the demand for 5g application. During the epidemic, the "residential" economy developed rapidly, and 5g HD video, 5g telemedicine, 5g intelligent prevention and control and other applications also greatly improved the epidemic prevention efficiency. The epidemic has stimulated the public's demand for greater capacity and faster information communication, making 5g application scenarios more clear and feasible. In the past year, 5g industry application has been explored in many fields. At present, it has been gradually recognized by the industry in 10 fields such as factory, mine, port, medical treatment, power grid, transportation, security, education, cultural tourism and smart city, and has initially formed an application scenario that is expected to be used in large-scale commerce.

To sum up, accelerating the construction of 5g network is suitable for the needs of national, economic, social and industrial development.Of course, this does not mean that 5g network construction is to work blindly and quickly, regardless of the input-output ratio. China's 5g network should adhere to the principle of moderate advance, match the development path and rhythm of applications, continuously optimize the network construction strategy, operation strategy and policy environment, continuously reduce the deployment cost and operation cost of the whole network, and support the cultivation of applications at the lowest possible cost.

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