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Lexin technology released esp32-s3 chip to accurately focus on the aiot market

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 Esp32, which is popular in the Internet of things market, is a Wi Fi & Bluetooth / Bluetooth Le MCU launched by Lexin in 2016. The dual core dominant frequency is up to 240 MHz. With its powerful computing power and rich memory, esp32 not only enables Internet of things devices, but also realizes rich innovative applications, such as voice interaction, intelligent audio and predictive maintenance equipment based on machine learning. Under the trend of rapid upgrading from global interconnection of all things to intelligent alliance of all things, artificial intelligence, as the initiative to give full play to the technical potential, occupies a more and more important position in the field of aiot. In response to the market's technical demand for AI computing power, Lexin launched esp32-s3 chip to accurately focus on the aiot market.  

Esp32-s3 is an MCU chip integrating 2.4 GHz Wi Fi and Bluetooth Le 5.0, and supports long range mode. The esp32-s3 is equipped with xtensa & reg; 32-bit lx7 dual core processor with a main frequency of 240 MHz, built-in 512 KB SRAM (TCM), 44 programmable GPIO pins and rich communication interfaces. Compared with esp32, esp32-s3 supports higher capacity high-speed octal SPI flash and off chip ram, and supports user configured data cache and instruction cache.  

 The following are the key features of esp32-s3:
Wi Fi Bluetooth Le 5.0 wireless connection  

 Esp32-s3 integrates 2.4 GHz Wi Fi (802.11 B / g / N) function and supports 40 MHz bandwidth. Its low-power Bluetooth subsystem supports Bluetooth Le 5.0 and Bluetooth mesh, and can realize long-distance communication through coded phy and broadcast expansion. It also supports 2 Mbps PHY to improve transmission speed and data throughput. Esp32-s3 has superior Wi Fi and Bluetooth Le RF performance and can work stably under high temperature.
Support AI acceleration  

 Esp32-s3 MCU additionally adds vector instructions for accelerating neural network calculation and signal processing. AI developers will be able to use the instruction optimized software library (please look forward to the updated version of esp-who and ESP skeleton) to realize high-performance applications such as image recognition, voice wake-up and recognition.
Rich IO interfaces  

 Esp32-s3 has 44 programmable gpios (10 more than esp32) and supports all common peripheral interfaces, such as SPI, I2S, I2C, PWM, RMT, ADC, DAC, UART, SD / MMC host controller and Twai controller. The user can configure 14 of the gpios as capacitive touch inputs for HMI interaction. In addition, esp32-s3 is equipped with ultra-low power coprocessor (ULP), supports a variety of low-power modes, and is widely applicable to all kinds of low-power application scenarios.
Perfect security mechanism  

 Esp32-s3 provides perfect security mechanism and protection measures for Internet of things devices to prevent all kinds of malicious attacks and threats. It supports flash encryption based on aes-xts algorithm and secure startup based on RSA algorithm; With digital signature and HMAC module, it is used to protect the private key or symmetric key from software attacks and ensure the identity security of the device. Esp32-s3 also adds a "world controller" module, which provides two non-interference execution environments to realize trusted execution environment or permission separation mechanism.
Mature software support  


Esp32-s3 follows the mature Internet of things development framework esp-idf of Lexin. Esp-idf has successfully enabled hundreds of millions of Internet of things devices, gone through strict testing and release cycles, and has a clear and effective support strategy. Based on their mature software architecture and their familiarity with tools and APIs, it will be easier for developers to build applications or migrate original programs to esp32-s3 platform.

 Esp32-s3 is greatly optimized and improved in connection capability, AI computing power, security encryption, pin definition and available peripheral interfaces. The release of Lexin esp32-s3 aims to provide equipment manufacturers and developers with a cost-effective and easy to develop aiot solution platform, so that consumers can get a better networking experience and intelligent experience. At the same time, Lexin will always be committed to the independent R & D and innovation of aiot technology and contribute to the development of semiconductor industry and aiot industry.

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