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Where is the vehicle GPS high frequency antenna installed? What is the installation method?

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Guide: generally, cars will be equipped with navigation, so the more common is GPS antenna. It can receive high-altitude satellite signals and then send out radio signal processing. The process is complex, and then the longitude and latitude can be calculated through the antenna, so as to achieve the effect of positioning and navigation. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, GPS antenna also has more and more types. GPS high-frequency antenna has been transformed and upgraded on the original basis. So where should such antenna be installed in the car? The following introduction will help you.

  1. On the rear windshield

The reception of GPS high-frequency antenna signal is basically towards the sky, which will have a more stable and strong signal. The routing is also very hidden, which can better ensure the aesthetics. However, the cable is relatively long, which will weaken the signal? If it is installed on the instrument panel, it can receive signals directly facing the sky, and there will be strong signals, but it is not beautiful.

  2. Installed on the front windshield

The antenna needs to face the sky when receiving signals. When receiving signals, the GPS high-frequency antenna needs to face the sky. If it is installed on the front windshield, if there is a film, it needs to open a hole at the position where the antenna is installed. If it is installed in this way, it needs to use the glass antenna.

  3. Installed in AB column

The left and right support columns of the front windshield are called AB columns, so the GPS high-frequency antenna can be installed in this position. It is almost invisible from the appearance, but the contact surface does not face the sky and can only reflect signals, so the installation stability is not very good.

Through the above text, where is the GPS high-frequency antenna installed in the car? After reading it, you should already know that the correct installation can have better results.


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