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Steady! Beidou is used for high-speed railway, and the line is smoother

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                                                               Now my country's high-speed rail has exceeded 200 kilometers per hour

                                                               Maglev test prototype with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour

                                                               It has also been successfully tested recently.

                                                               Fast, stable and safe China's high-speed rail is world famous

                                                                High-speed rail is not only fast

                                                               Stability and comfort are also essential

                                                               Let's find out together today

                                                               Why is the high-speed rail so stable?

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Subtle changes such as subsidence and distortion will occur on high-speed rail lines under the influence of EMU operation impact, geological movement, regional land subsidence, and adjacent line construction. To ensure the high-speed and smooth operation of EMUs, it is necessary to accurately monitor the changes of the line. .

Relevant staff use the terminal equipment supporting the Beidou system to position the rails, sleepers and other equipment in three-dimensional space coordinates, and then measure the track elevation through a level, and upload the measured coordinate data to the high-speed railway measurement data technical service platform in real time.

The staff uses a variety of means to record the horizontal deviation of the track, and captures the subtle changes by comparing it with the original data. Finally, the measurement results are reported to the equipment management unit and restored according to the standard, so as to ensure the smoothness of the high-speed rail line.

The high-precision positioning of the Beidou system can provide accurate data for railway construction personnel and management personnel, guarantee the smooth operation of high-speed railways in subtleties, and escort everyone's travel. In the future, the Beidou system will also serve the vigorous development of high-speed rail with more first-class service and more stable operation!

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