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Three hard indexes of WiFi directional antenna design

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Guide: when we want to design WiFi directional antenna, what most people want to master is some design principles. The directional antenna design is not as obvious as we thought. If we really want to carry out effective design, we must consider all aspects of the design.

  1. The antenna includes a set of accessories

During the actual setting of WiFi directional antenna, if it is a mismatched antenna, the budget or range performance of the original link may be greatly reduced. In the process of actual setting, ensure that the network directly placed at the antenna collapse point, so as to prevent unnecessary loss.

  2. Environment of embankment antenna

In fact, in any case, if the plastic shell or metal component is close to the WiFi directional antenna, there will be rotation and radiation direction problems with other components. In real life, it's best not to put the antenna close to metal objects, and don't let the metal or metallized plastic shell wrap it. The most ideal state is to control the external influence in the far field of the antenna.

  3. debug various applications in advance.

If you want to make WiFi directional antenna play a better role in the use process, you must debug all applications in advance. During commissioning, the size of each antenna shall be determined, and the matching degree of the whole antenna shall be considered. The existing design must ensure good performance.

  WiFi directional antennaHow to do it in the actual debugging process? What design principles should be considered when debugging? Some of the above designs are very important. I suggest you'd better know more about them.


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