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What are the parameters for Beidou high precision antenna selection?

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Reading Guide: the external structure of the antenna looks simple, but the internal performance evaluation is more complex. In fact, Beidou high-precision antenna is used in most places. How should this antenna be selected in the process of actual selection?

  1. Antenna wave band

When selecting Beidou high-precision antenna, the radio wave band is more important. Generally speaking, the radio wave band is the band in which the radio wave signal radiated by the whole antenna is located. In this case, each antenna will have relevant corresponding frequency bands and bands, and these radio wave bands cannot be used across bands. In terms of performance, a single performance band is better than a multi band antenna.

  2. Antenna connection distance

The antenna connection distance considers various types according to the connection signal range, and the emissivity of different types of products will be different. Under the same conditions, the radiation efficiency of directional antenna or other wires is higher than that of omnidirectional antenna. If it is a Beidou high-precision antenna, we should basically consider whether they are directional or omnidirectional.

  3. Antenna connection direction

Antenna connection direction is the antenna transmission or reception direction that must be considered in the selection process. If it is used in a single direction, the directional antenna can be basically selected, which can improve the effect. However, if it is used in non directional direction, the original communication effect must be reduced.

  Beidou high precision antennaThere are a wide range of choices in real life, so what methods should we master when choosing? It is suggested that you should analyze and understand more of these methods. If you can't master the method, you can consult the relevant manufacturer.


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