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ZTE: smart city rail, cloud enlightens the future

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 Recently, at the transportation sub forum of ZTE Government Enterprise Cloud ecological summit, Ding Chengyuan, marketing director of ZTE transportation industry, shared the application prospect and strategic thinking of urban rail cloud in 5g era to the guests, and introduced ZTE urban rail cloud solutions in detail  

In recent years, with the continuous development and application of new generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, 5g and the Internet of things, as well as the acceleration of the national layout of "new infrastructure", the development demand of smart urban rail is rising day by day. The digital transformation of urban rail industry is imperative. It is necessary to build an intensive, shared, safe and intelligent urban rail unified cloud platform, Provide guarantee for the sustainable development of urban rail transit business.
 In the process of urban rail construction, operation, operation and maintenance, combined with customers' needs for unified resource management, business collaboration, centralized operation and maintenance, as well as cloud computing  big data  Based on the understanding of the technology evolution trend, ZTE launched a new generation of urban rail transit cloud solution based on the smart city rail transit information technology architecture and network security specification.  

    ZTE's urban rail cloud technology architecture consists of one platform (cloud management platform), two centers (production center and disaster recovery center) and three networks (safe production, internal management and external services). The cloud management platform uniformly manages the computing, storage, network and security resources of the two centers and three networks; The two centers adopt dual active architecture design to ensure business continuity; Three networks carry all business systems of urban rail transit. ZTE urban rail cloud supports the three business systems of operation and production information, passenger service information and enterprise management information, makes full use of advanced concepts and technologies such as cloud computing and big data, and realizes the co construction and sharing of infrastructure, the overall deployment of information system, and the aggregation and sharing of data resources in accordance with the principle of "intensive and efficient, sharing and open, safe and reliable, and on-demand service" Business applications work together effectively, carry out the development and utilization of big data, provide strong support for subway management and public services, improve the service level for the people, improve users' modern governance ability, and help the intelligent and intelligent development of urban rail transit.
 ZTE's urban rail cloud solution will bring all-round changes to customers in terms of management efficiency, system security, construction cost, operation and maintenance cost and user experience. In the practice of the video line network cloud platform project of Hangzhou Metro Line 3, ZTE provides computing, storage and network virtualization resources through the virtual cloud platform, realizes the management and scheduling of internal resources of the cloud platform through cloud management software, and provides computing, storage, network and other resource services for Hangzhou Metro video services. Compared with the traditional construction and deployment methods, capitalThe source utilization rate is increased by 75%, the operation and maintenance efficiency is increased by 70%, and the system processing capacity is greatly improved.
 Relying on its understanding of 5g, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, as well as its advantages in ICT, ZTE will continue to deeply cultivate the urban rail transit industry, take root in the technical research in the urban rail cloud field in combination with the industry characteristics, continuously iterate and optimize in the process of scheme replication and promotion, and help the smart urban rail to open the "cloud" era.

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