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China Beidou expert Xu Ying: promoting the integration of Beidou system into new infrastructure and giving birth to new industries

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       China News Agency, Hong Kong, June 3 (reporter Zhang Xiaoxi) - Xu Ying, a researcher at the Institute of Aerospace Information Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at a forum held in Hong Kong on the 3rd that the application and development of Beidou satellite navigation system has broad prospects. In the future, it will strengthen the integration with strategic cutting-edge technologies such as unmanned driving and 5g communication, integrate into new infrastructure and give birth to new industries.

       On the 3rd, the United Hong Kong fund held a forum and invited Xu Ying to give a speech on the theme of "Beidou guiding innovative future". Xu Ying attended and made the above remarks by video.

       Xu Ying gave a speech in Hong Kong in 2016 entitled "Beidou satellite navigation that changes our lives", sharing the development process and application of Beidou satellite navigation system. In this speech, she explained the high-quality performance and development prospects of Beidou for Hong Kong citizens, and exchanged views with Hong Kong scholars and industry participants attending the forum.
The Beidou satellite navigation system independently developed by China will provide global services in July 2020. Xu Ying introduced that as China's "golden key to guarding the country", Beidou can provide all-weather and high-precision positioning, navigation and timing services, integrate into the construction of infrastructure such as power, finance and communication, and is also widely used in the fields of transportation, agriculture, forestry and fishery, meteorological forecast, disaster relief and disaster reduction, together with the US global positioning system, the European Galileo positioning system Russia's GLONASS system is also known as the world's four major satellite navigation systems.

       China's one belt, one road, is also exported to more than 120 countries and regions, including Xu Ying, which is also a "one belt and one road" country. The land surveying and mapping of Uganda, precision agriculture of Myanmar, warehousing and logistics in Thailand and UAV application in Cambodia all use Beidou Positioning and navigation services.

       Xu Ying believes that the future development of Beidou will have unlimited possibilities. She will continue to strengthen the integration of Beidou with strategic cutting-edge technologies such as Internet of things, unmanned driving, artificial intelligence, 5g communication and blockchain, promote Beidou's integration into new infrastructure and give birth to new industries. It is estimated that by the end of the 14th five year plan, the overall output value of China's satellite navigation and location services will exceed trillion yuan, and the global market share will increase to four times the current level.

       She also said that China will continue to promote the industrialization of Beidou. By 2035, China will build a broader, more integrated and more intelligent national comprehensive positioning, navigation and timing system with Beidou as the core, serve the national modernization and people's daily life, and contribute to global scientific, technological, economic and social development.

       "I believe that adhering to the new era Beidou spirit of 'independent innovation, openness and integration, unity of mind and the pursuit of excellence', we will be able to go all the way." Xu Ying said.

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