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Twenty years of Wi Fi

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       It has been 22 years since the birth of Wi Fi. As the original inventor of Wi Fi, Neil & middot of Morse micro; Prof. Neil weste has devoted himself to the research and development of Wi Fi halow and continuously developed this technology.

       The inherent advantages of Wi Fi and the Wi Fi alliance's commitment to interoperability, security, ease of use and innovation make Wi Fi one of the greatest success stories in the technology era. All along, the Wi Fi alliance has promoted the success of Wi Fi through thinking leadership, spectrum advocacy and global cooperation, and will continue to lead this success.

       Now the Wi Fi alliance is closer than ever to realizing its vision of connecting everyone, everything and everywhere. We continue to cooperate, develop and develop technology and certification projects to help Wi Fi devices provide a reliable, secure and positive user experience.

Connect everyone, everything, everywhere——Wi-Fi

       The latest generation of Wi Fi connection has arrived, based on Wi Fi 6, Wi Fi certified WPA3 ™ Provide the latest security protection. The Wi Fi alliance has provided a large number of connection use cases for the future and made efforts to ensure the success of Wi Fi in emerging applications.

Easy to use

       The Wi Fi alliance constantly updates the plans that operators and service providers benefit from to improve customer satisfaction. Improve the security and efficiency of roaming, ensure the comprehensive coverage of families, and help operators improve Wi Fi network management for customers, which will continuously improve the user experience.

Achieve more efficient network operation

       Today, Wi Fi benefits operators through mobile data streaming, and will become more important in operator networks - as a supplement to 5g deployment - to support advanced use cases and increasing mobile data traffic. Wi Fi enables network expansion and represents the "last 100 feet" of end-to-end connectivity.

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