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The high-end market demand for supercapacitors expands, and Murata production promotes high-tech thin package ultra-low ESR products

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 Super capacitor (EDLC), also known as super capacity capacitor, gold capacitor, farad capacitor, gold capacitor or electric double-layer capacitor, is a long-life and highly reliable energy storage device. At present, it can have more than 500000 cycles, more than 10 years of service life, high reliability, strong functionality and good high and low temperature characteristics, Products that can be used normally at minus 30 to 70 degrees Celsius. Due to the great temperature difference in China, supercapacitors are often used in power systems under severe conditions.

In 2008, the total scale of China's super capacitor has reached 860 million yuan, and it is growing at a more rapid rate in recent years. Due to the broad application prospects in this field, the ordinary technical strength and industrialization ability can not meet the needs of the high-end market. Murata Manufacturing Institute (China) (hereinafter referred to as Murata) has developed products with small installation area, high voltage and high temperature resistance. It can not only be used as an auxiliary power supply for LED flash lamps such as digital cameras, but also as a standby power supply for controllers and memories in control equipment such as intelligent instruments.

EDLC usually includes four parts: double electrode, electrolyte, fluid collector and isolation part. At present, the common types in the EDLC market include button type, canned, prism type and laminated structure. Among them, laminated structure has become the development trend of high-end market due to its large power storage, long cycle service life, high-speed charge and discharge and wide range of application.

Compared with ordinary EDLC, Murata's DMF and DMT series have more advantages in packaging technology than the products on the market at present. One: ultra thin, product thickness between 2.5 ~ 4.0mm. Second: high output, low ESR. The rated voltage is 4.2V (there are also series with peak value of 5.5V), and the ESR is 30-130m Ω. It can be said that such low ESR is one of the few in the industry. Murata realizes ultra-low ESR through the most suitable electrode material and structure. It can achieve a maximum charge and discharge of 10 amps, and reach the level of ultra-low ESR at high and low temperatures.

In addition to the advantages of ultra-thin packaging, high current discharge and constant power discharge, Murata EDLC has the advantages of high temperature guarantee (ordinary EDLC can only be used between - 30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, while Murata can ensure normal operation between - 30 ℃ ~ 85 ℃), ultra-low leakage current and high reliability (Advanced packaging, long life and low leakage).

The following figure shows the change characteristics of ESR and capacity of Murata EDLC at different temperatures.

As a new energy storage device, EDLC can replace the traditional energy storage battery in many fields. Today, energy conservation and environmental protection are paid more and more attention, and the application of EDLC is also paid more and more attention. EDLC is applied in different fields and industries, which may be indistinguishable to the naked eye, but the absence of EDLC will bring multiple inconveniences to our life.

First, Murata's EDLC can be used for high-power data backup in case of power failure, such as enterprise SSD, server, switch and other applications.

Second, Murata EDLC is used in LED flash lamp, motor drive and other equipment that need large current discharge at the moment to assist peak output. The following is a comparison of two LED flash lamps not used and with EDLC products.


Murata was founded in October 1944, but the company was established in 1950. The first product was based on the post-war chaos, when radio was the only source of entertainment and information. Compared with the previous super regeneration method, the super heterodyne radio with outstanding performance has been popularized rapidly. The cylindrical magnetic capacitor used for temperature compensation of this radio is our first product. It uses titanium oxide as the medium and uses a pen to coat the electrode material on the surface. The electrostatic capacity is 500pf.

As of March 2013, Murata's total turnover had reached 681.021 billion yen and its individual turnover had reached 535.155 billion yen. In an environment where market demand is changing and globalization is progressing rapidly, and binpenguin emerging market is growing, Murata is in the vortex of rapid changes, which requires enterprises to quickly adapt to changes. What remains unchanged is Murata's business philosophy. As an "innovator in electronic", while constantly surprising and moving customers and the market, the enterprise also needs continuous development. Including materials. The production equipment and product manufacturing site of product design and process design become a whole. Murata will further improve the essential strength of manufacturing and contribute to the development of the world electronics industry.

For Murata's EDLC, we can summarize the following:

Because EDLC has large power capacity, it can be used as an energy supply equipment for standby power supply or to provide power for peak power output. Unlike batteries, the potential of EDLC decreases with discharge. Generally speaking, when the temperature decreases by 10 & deg;, The life of EDLC will double. EDLC has two attenuation forms, one is the decline of electrochemical system, and the other is the drying up caused by the evaporation of electrolyte. In both cases, ESR will increase and electrostatic capacity will decrease. In order to use EDLC reliably for a long time, we must pay close attention to its working temperature conditions. Therefore, it is particularly important that Murata's EDLC can work continuously at high temperature. The following are the characteristics of Murata EDLC:

Low ESR, high discharge efficiency
High voltage, large capacity
Small and thin packaging technology
Ultra low leakage current
So that in low temperature environment, ESR is also very low and its service life is long
More than 100000 cycles

EDLC is the abbreviation of electric double layer capacitor, which refers to electrical double-layer capacitor
ESR is the abbreviation of equivalent series resistance, which refers to equivalent series resistance

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