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The mobile communication 5g module supports the mass production of "master" 82 "supreme commemorative edition of Xiaomi TV

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Master on stage, supreme feeling. Recently, Xiaomi launched the supreme commemorative version of Xiaomi TV "master" 82 ", which supports 8K ultra-high definition resolution, is equipped with mobile communication rm500q 5g module, adopts new mini LED display technology and is equipped with sound wing automatic telescopic sound system, which can bring cinema level visual and listening feast to consumers and use its strength to promote the world towards 5g 8K ultra-high definition era. At present, the TV has been officially sold on platforms such as Xiaomi's official website.


Thanks to the blessing of 5g wireless network, the supreme commemorative edition of Xiaomi TV "master" 82 enables 5g mode, which can enjoy the supreme use experience whether watching movies or games, perfectly avoid the Caton phenomenon of ultra-high definition video playback, and fear the lack or blockage of wireless network.


5g high-speed connection, farewell to playing Caton

At the transmission level, the perfect presentation of 8K ultra-high definition video content requires strong support from high-speed network connection.At present, home wireless networks often suffer from network congestion due to too many connected devices. Some wireless networks simply can not match the demand for 8K ultra-high definition video, and even some families do not install wireless networks.

As Xiaomi's first TV supporting 5g and 8K, the supreme commemorative edition of Xiaomi TV "master" 82 "is equipped with mobile communication rm500q 5g module. With the advantages of 5g technology, such as high speed, low delay and large capacity, it can fully meet the high bandwidth requirements of 8K ultra-high definition video real-time transmission.

The flexibility of 5g network access further widens the application range. In addition to families, this TV can also be used in commercial scenes such as exhibitions and shopping malls, and can enjoy the beauty of 8K ultra-high definition video anytime and anywhere.


Imagine the ultimate picture quality and intelligent interconnection of the whole house

The "master" 82 "supreme commemorative edition of Xiaomi TV adopts an 82 inch 8K ultra-high definition screen, equipped with 8K TV main chip, with a resolution of 7680x4320, four times that of 4K and 16 times that of 2K, with 178 & deg; The visual angle and 120Hz flow rate screen can quickly capture every wonderful moment, and maintain a delicate picture even if viewed from a close distance.

In terms of intelligence, the supreme commemorative edition of Xiaomi TV "master" 82 has taken a big step forward. The TV can realize linkage with all intelligent devices connected to Xiaomi aiot ecology, and form control, display and interaction at the TV end through remote control and voice control. It can not only receive the message push of intelligent devices, but also support picture in picture, one touch projection and other functions. During playback, it can also view the monitoring screen of intelligent doorbell and camera.


Powerful alliance enables 5g 8K Era

Xiaomi TV "master" 82 "supreme commemorative edition has built-in rm500q 5g module, supports 5g NR sub-6ghz band and 5g independent Networking (SA) and non independent Networking (NSA) operation modes, and is compatible with 4G and 3G networks. It can cover mainstream operators all over the world and be used all over the world. The rm500q module is packaged in m.2, which is compatible with a variety of remote modules to facilitate the upgrading of customer terminals.


As the first 5g module launched by mobile, rm500q has successively passed CCC, SRRC, CTA and other certifications. At present, rm500q module has supported hundreds of industry customers in 5g product design and development, and has realized large-scale mass production in the field of ultra-high definition video live broadcasting.

With the joint efforts of all parties in the industrial chain, the UHD video industry has moved towards a track of rapid development. At present, the UHD era has officially opened. With the continuous in-depth integration of 5g and 8K technologies, the UHD industry has broad development prospects. Vigorously promoting the development of ultra-high definition video can meet people's needs for a better life and change people's lifestyle.

In the future, mobile communication will continue to work with Xiaomi to make breakthroughs in ultra-high definition TV and other fields, and continue to contribute to the development of 5g commercial and ultra-high definition industry

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