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How about the service life of coaxial RF connector? How to test?

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As we all know, the use range of coaxial RF connector is relatively wide, but for consumers, there are many factors to be considered in addition to price in the procurement process, such as the service life of the product. If the service life is long, the service cycle of the product is also long. So how should the product be tested?

  1. Test through the test pin detection interface

The nm interface shall be prepared for the coaxial RF connector. If the interface is ready, it shall be connected with the NF connector. The purpose of using the wrench is to facilitate connection and disassembly. This can ensure the accuracy, especially if the stainless steel NF street is used, the service life of this component is 1000 times, which is twice higher than that of copper.

  2. Measure by plugging

The coaxial RF connector can also be tested by plugging. Generally, the standing wave needs to be measured every 100 times, because the interface to be tested will be damaged during plugging. Generally, this test needs to be carried out 2400 times, so it needs to be understood clearly.

  3. Observe the jumping phenomenon of standing wave

If you want to know the use of coaxial RF connector, you can observe the insertion loss and standing wave of a certain frequency point in the whole section. If it is stable within a certain time or cycle, you can know that the service life of coaxial RF connector will exceed 500 times according to relevant products.

It can be learned from the above test methods,Coaxial RF connectorThe service life or time of this product is relatively long, which is why we choose to buy this product. This product is widely used in many important fields and industries.


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