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Golden Airlines KINGHELM Company's entire network marketing Beidou GPS antenna communication antenna connection line and other products

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The promotion keywords of Jinhangbiao Company are roughly divided into the keywords of Beidou GPS antenna communication antenna and other products, the keywords of Beidou navigation and positioning communication, the keywords of major customers of antenna applications, the keywords of antenna product functions, and the commonly used models of antennas. Keywords, keywords of the part model of the patch cord, etc. The first batch of words promoted by Jinhangbiao are probably:




      Antennas include: WiFi/4G/5G 2.4G, suction cup antenna; GPS Beidou, board terminal socket, 5G antenna, military customization, IPEX antenna base, communication/navigation positioning, communication, glue stick, 433, 2G/4G, GPS, a wide range of applicable antennas: which can be used in aerospace, security products, medical equipment, etc.

      Ceramic antenna: Bluetooth ceramic antenna, wearable product ceramic 3216, ceramic chip positioning antenna, ceramic patch antenna,

      Connectors: USB connectors, coaxial connectors, FPC connectors, antenna connectors, MCX connectors,

      Cable: antenna, communication antenna, WiFi antenna, SMA, radio frequency,

       RF connectors, RF instruments, SMA, IPEX test lines, card socket connectors, tact switches, automotive wiring harnesses, robot wiring harness pin headers, BDS666 Beidou information system, Beidou public account, Beidou expert public account;

       Antenna R&D, production, sales, debugging, production line, antenna experts, simulation, elevation, military-grade antennas, springs, fiberglass antennas, RF experts, RF engineers, microwave technology far, antenna expert publicity, Beidou publicity Weibo navigation antenna, BDS Antenna system, BDS666 system, missile-borne b3 antenna, etc., b3 frequency antenna, tact switch, automotive wiring harness, robot wiring harness pin header, private mold antenna shell, antenna shell customization, Beidou antenna terminal machine, gps antenna Wire cutting machine, microwave far-field darkroom, etc.

        Kinghelm products have been sold in large quantities on e-commerce platforms such as Lichuang Mall (www.szlcsc.com), Weixiang Mall, Hard City, Baidu baidu Ai Sourcing, Jingdong jd e-commerce platform, Alibaba 1688, etc., and customers have also increased the number of Golden Beacon products. of publicity.



These keywords are the first batch of keywords to be launched by Golden Beacon, and the second keywords will also be launched according to the layout of publicity and promotion on the Internet and the research and development of Golden Beacon products. It is hoped that the publicity and promotion of the Internet can make the products such as the Beidou GPS antenna of the Golden Navigator, which can be used for the promotion of the kinghelm brand and the kh series. More and potential customers of the customer can understand the Golden Navigation Beacon, know the Golden Navigation Beacon, and better serve the customers of the Golden Navigation Beacon. Serve.


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