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The joint construction of Beidou global new era - Huaxin antenna was unveiled at the 11th China satellite navigation academic annual conference

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 On November 23, the 11th Annual China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) with the theme of "satellite navigation, a new global era" was held in Chengdu. As a leading enterprise in the field of satellite navigation and positioning in China, Huaxin antenna was invited to participate in this industry event together with its parent company Beidou Xingtong group, comprehensively displayed a variety of high-precision antenna and wireless data transmission radio series products, and emphatically released new products such as intelligent network multi-mode vehicle sky line.  


Facing the field of intelligent networking and automatic driving, Huaxin vehicle antenna deeply integrates high-precision GNSS antenna, 5g / 4G communication antenna, v2x communication antenna, am / FM antenna, WiFi / Bluetooth antenna and other technologies, which not only realizes high-precision positioning, but also effectively reduces the complexity of vehicle system communication, so as to improve the communication performance and efficiency of the whole vehicle, It can meet the needs of vehicle road coordination and automatic driving of intelligent network connected vehicles. At present, Huaxin antenna has cooperated with SAIC in ChinaChangan and other automobile main engine plants launched fixed-point demonstration applications.



The exhibition area of Beidou system construction and development achievements was held for the first time at this annual meeting. The theme of "Beidou multi-mode multi frequency high-precision antenna" is particularly eye-catching. This antenna is the first domestic Beidou multi-mode multi frequency high-precision antenna independently developed by Huaxin antenna on March 5, 2009, breaking the high price monopoly of international manufacturers on high-precision equipment, Lay a foundation for the domestic high-precision antenna to reach 90% of the domestic market shareIt has laid a foundation and effectively promoted the application and development of China Beidou in the high-precision market.



With a series of technical achievements in Beidou high-precision positioning and "Beidou" technology integration and innovation,stayAt the opening ceremony of the annual meeting,Rated"Beidou satellite navigation application promotion Contribution Award - cross border integration" award has become the only enterprise in this high-precision antenna industry to win this award.


The highlights of the annual meeting continued. Huaxin antenna released a series of high-precision antennas with "small possibilities" on site. The product applications cover many fields, such as UAV, mapping RTK receiver, CORS station, digital construction of construction machinery and so on.


Mr. Wang Xiaohui, technical director of Huaxin antenna, said:With the continuous extension of the application of high-precision positioning technology, GNSS high-precision positioning equipment tends to be miniaturized. As the receiving front end of GNSS system, the requirements for its receiving performance are also increasing. High precision, miniaturization and multi antenna system integration have become the main challenges of GNSS antenna design.



The "xiaoyoukewei" series of high-precision antenna products released this time support multi system and multi band signal reception. For the "Beidou III" system signal, the performance of each frequency point has been optimized and upgraded. Compared with the conventional antenna, the performance has been improved by about 20%, the satellite search and positioning ability is stronger, and the antenna volume has been reduced by one third, It has laid a solid foundation for upstream machine customers to carry out product miniaturization and integrated design.



With the completion of global networking of Beidou satellite navigation system, centimeter level high-precision location service has become a public service within reach. As the first entrance of high-precision location information, GNSS antenna will be deeply integrated with 5g, Internet of things and other technologies to play a more important role. Huaxin antenna will closely combine with Beidou's new space-time applications, provide more accurate and reliable technical products, and work together to promote Beidou's international development.

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