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Craftsman "core" is unique. Huada Beidou carries an ultra-high cost-effective navigation and positioning chip to attend the annual China Satellite Navigation Conference!

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 two thousand and twenty  On November 23, 2003, at the 11th Annual China Satellite Navigation Conference, Huada Beidou, a leading domestic navigation and positioning chip manufacturer, released a new generation of Beidou 3 consumer navigation and positioning chip, with the model of hd8120.


On July 31, 2020, the beidou-3 global satellite navigation system was officially opened. The updated technology, better signal and higher precision have brought a comprehensive upgrade to the application performance and functions of beidou-3 system, and the ground applications based on beidou-3 system will also be carried out in an all-round way. Chip is the basic core device of Beidou navigation and positioning terminal products, and plays a vital role in the application and popularization of Beidou terminal products. The "three elements" of high performance, low power consumption and low cost play a decisive role in the large-scale application and promotion of domestic Beidou chips.

The new generation of beidou-3 consumer navigation and positioning chip hd8120 released this time focuses on the consumer application market. While supporting multi system GNSS reception, it focuses on beidou-3 signal, improves positioning availability and positioning rate under various complex scenarios with excellent algorithms, and has excellent performance in operating power consumption and standby power consumption. It is more suitable for power sensitive application markets, The high integration design makes the peripheral devices more concise and the scheme cost lower. With excellent positioning performance, power consumption index and competitive price, hd8120 chip refreshes the cost performance of consumer navigation positioning GNSS chip, and injects a stimulant into the market.

Huada Beidou is an enterprise dedicated to the research and development of Beidou GNSS navigation and positioning chip. It has successively released and mass produced "the world's first multi system multi frequency baseband RF integrated high-precision SOC chip supporting Beidou No. 3 signal system", China's first "Beidou chip open platform", the "world's first dual frequency Beidou mobile phone" based on the cooperation between dual frequency Beidou chip and Lenovo, and so on. And won the "Beidou satellite navigation application promotion Contribution Award" at this annual meeting.

At this conference, Huada Beidou also hosted the "H06 Beidou intelligent ecology" high-end forum. Sun Zhongliang, general manager of Huada Beidou, as the chairman of the forum, will deliver a keynote speech on "the core foundation of Beidou 3 global application", and stressed that chip technology is the core competitiveness of Huada Beidou, and using "core" to serve the global application of Beidou system is the mission and responsibility of Huada Beidou's development.

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