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Analysis of security issues in the development process of Internet of things

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The development speed of the Internet of things in China is obvious to all, but the research on the information security of the Internet of things lags behind. The Internet is the foundation of the construction of the Internet of things, so the security threat of the Internet of things includes two aspects. First, the security problems encountered in the Internet will appear in the Internet of things; Secondly, the Internet of things system itself and related applications are also vulnerable to attacks.

In the overall architecture of the Internet of things, the perception layer is at the bottom and the most basic level, and the information security at this level is most vulnerable to threats. In the process of collecting information, the sensing layer mainly applies radio frequency identification technology (RFID) and wireless sensor network (WSN). The security problem of the perception layer of the Internet of things is essentially the security problem of RFID system and WSN system.

When sensors receive information through WSN, they will produce a large number of sensor nodes. These nodes are often exposed in public places, controlled remotely by people or computers, lack of effective protection, and are easy to be disturbed by signals or even captured by nodes. Moreover, there are many security weaknesses in the routing protocol of WSN. Criminals can inject malicious routing information into WSN to paralyze the network.

For WSN vulnerabilities, the industry has put forward many protection measures and suggestions, such as strengthening the security protection of gateway node deployment environment, strengthening the security control of sensor network confidentiality, adding node authentication mechanism, intrusion detection mechanism and so on. However, there is still little research work on WSN security, and there are still many challenging problems to be solved: such as using limited memory space to manage a large number of pre distributed keys, key pre distribution technology supporting the addition of new nodes, low-energy encryption method, intrusion model and intrusion prevention method, secure routing method, secure intra network data processing technology, etc.

RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which is one of the key technologies in the application of Internet of things. The Internet of things will provide labels for each item that needs to collect information, and then communicate with readers and writers through electromagnetic waves. This non-contact has serious security risks. Because RFID identification lacks the ability to ensure its own security, illegal users can communicate with electromagnetic waves through self-made readers and writers, resulting in the outflow of important information. Secondly, without the knowledge of the end equipment and RFID tag users, the information on the tag can be easily tracked and tampered, and then sent back to the user's changed information, resulting in problems such as false information and wrong decision-making.

In view of RFID defects, combined with the two factors of cost and security, the most reliable scheme is to use cryptography to enhance transmission level security and create a security mechanism.

In addition to the technical research and development of Internet of things security protection, a perfect legal mechanism should also be implemented. At present, there is no perfect Internet of things privacy protection regulation in China. With the continuous application of Internet of things technology, it is necessary to make detailed provisions on the sources and channels of information collection, and how to implement the punishment rules once the information of others is illegally collected.

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