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Crazy 5g connector, the next wave!

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5g development speed   people

According to the latest news from the Ministry of industry and information technology, China has built the world's largest 5g network,  By 2020, 718000 5g base stations have been built.
    Recently, we learned from China information and communication research institute that the total shipment volume of domestic mobile phone market from January to November 2020 was 281 million, of which  The cumulative shipment of 5g mobile phones in the domestic market reached 144 million       According to te's latest 5g white paper,  By 2025, more than 75 billion internet of things (IOT) devices will be connected to the network  And most of them will use wireless technology. 5g has become a leader in "efficient data transmission, fast response, low delay and synchronous connection of multiple devices",  In fact, the data transmission rate of 5g network is expected to reach 100 times the current rate.     Prediction of China Commercial Industry Research Institute,  In 2020, China's connector market will reach US $25.2 billion  

Data source: compiled by China electronic components industry association and China Commercial Industry Research Institute  

5g terminal flowers bloom

5g terminal application is the foothold of 5g industry. In addition to the leading smart phones, a large number of multi-modal terminals such as 5g modules, hotspots, routers, adapters, robots and televisions continue to emerge. There is no doubt that 5g has ushered in a bonus period.  

CCID released 5g terminal industry white paper (2020)


5g accelerate the interconnection of all things

 In the three 5g application scenarios:

EmbB (enhanced mobile broadband)

It focuses on the high-speed rate of big data transmission. When we go from 4G to 5g, it is possible to realize unlimited traffic. The large data traffic transmission of AR / VR and 4K / 8K ultra-high definition video, including cloud work / cloud entertainment, are fully realized in the 5g era.

Urllc (ultra high reliability and low delay communication)

For precision industry applications such as automobile, industrial automation, telemedicine and driverless, it serves the scenarios of high speed and low delay of the Internet of things.

Mmtc (mass machine communication)

Serving the medium and low rate scenario of the Internet of things, it is well known that the Internet of things refers to the connection between people and machines, the connection between machines, and a wide range of application fields, including intelligent management of public facilities, wearable devices, smart home, smart city, etc., suggesting that the "one hundred billion" massive large-scale connection will be everywhere in the future.

 In all 5g applications, connection is indispensable. Traditional connectors cannot meet the space and performance requirements and will be eliminated. 5g's demand for connectors with high performance, high reliability, miniaturization, precision and diversity is the general trend. Fortunately, among many manufacturers and brands represented by the only agent, te connectivity and Panasonic are the pioneers of 5g connection!


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