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Is 5g array antenna important? How does it work?

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Now it has entered the 5g era. In this era, if the base station is completed, it will have a great impact on the electronic component market. 5g array antenna is also changing, so that electronic components can develop at a faster speed. From the current development of the times, the prospect of 5g array antenna is very promising. So what is the working principle of this component?

1. The price of wireless will rise

If the 5g infrastructure is completed, the wireless volume price will rise, but the deployment needs to be carried out in many frequency bands, so a better 5g array antenna is needed for communication at this time, and this antenna needs to use large-scale technology, so the number of antennas will gradually increase in this era. This kind of antenna will be used in many fields, such as communication, broadcasting and so on, and plays the role of transmitting radio waves.

2. Development in the form of array antenna

Due to the rapid development of antenna communication, especially with the development of internationalization, there are different forms of antenna research, which makes the new antenna have different development needs. The array antenna is one of the directions. The radiation source is relatively simple. The most important thing is the high-tech content, which will bring different communication products.

3. Working principle of various functions

5g array antenna can realize many different working principles, and these can not be realized by a single antenna. When the electric power remains unchanged, the field generated by it can be strong to the original multiple, so that more concentrated radiation can be realized. It can be seen that its work will be more powerful than the original.

  5g array antennaWhen in use, the two elements are far apart to meet the corresponding requirements, so there are many elements of the antenna array, so the requirements for size are different.


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