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Citic Mobile and state Key Laboratory of Wireless Mobile Communications (CIT) jointly issued 6G White paper

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With the acceleration of the large-scale commercial use of 5G worldwide, standards organizations have enhanced 5G technology in an evolutionary manner and carried out technical research on 6G. The industry has also accumulated experience in the process of 5G development, seeking breakthrough applications and higher growth points. In 2021, a large number of 6G related research work will continue to be carried out at home and abroad, and more newly established organizations will join the 6G research to better support the evolution and innovation of technology. It is estimated that ITU will need about two years to determine the 6G vision, which mainly includes scenarios and capabilities. 3GPP is expected to officially launch the formulation of 6G standards around 2025 to meet the requirements of ITU to complete the issuance of 6G global standards in 2030.

At the end of 2020, CITIC Mobile has officially released the first edition of "Full Coverage Scenario-6G Vision and Technology Trend White Paper". From 2020 to 2021, 6G vision, requirements, capabilities and key technologies have become the focus of heated discussion in the communication academia, industry and standardization organizations.

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The 6G white paper in 2021 abstracts the 6G scenario based on the white paper issued last year: reflects the full network coverage capability through wide area coverage, mobile broadband coverage and hot spot coverage, represents the service capability of mobile broadband in space and ground, and provides ultra high capacity in hot spot areas; At the same time, through extreme low delay and high reliability, ubiquitous mass connection and perception and positioning, it reflects the expansion of service capabilities such as 2B business, vertical industry and Internet of Things connection characteristics. In the aspect of 6G basic communication capability, it not only expands and improves the wireless access network index, but also puts forward the system network capability which is particularly important to support the future communication system to be more powerful, intelligent and reliable.


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The 2021 6G White Paper further expands on key technologies. On the one hand, traditional communication technologies, such as multidimensional MIMO, NTN and high-precision positioning, are still in the process of further enhancement and evolution. In the future, these evolutionary technologies will have more profound exploration soil in 6G. On the other hand, the sustainable development of 6G is inseparable from the deepening of the integration of technologies in IT, DT and OT fields, and the deepening of intelligentization runs through all fields and their integration, and the concept of ADOICT is proposed. In the future 6G network, there will be more elements into the category of system research: AI ability to support endogenous intelligence, helping wireless network to increase efficiency and reduce cost; Perception function through the communication system to achieve a new way, and help the communication system more accurate and efficient; Further in-depth application of cloud and virtualization will become the mainstream of future communication architecture. Data security and privacy protection technologies will ensure users' independent control of data; The internal security mechanism can solve the potential security boundary ambiguity caused by distributed network architecture. The application space of mobile communication network has been greatly expanded by the three-dimensional coverage of satellite and earth fusion.

Current 6 g is in academia, industry, actively research and discussion on the stage, all agencies and organizations are gradually to participate in, in ten years in the process of generation, 6 g research and technology framework to determine still belongs to the initial stage of development, need time of accumulation and precipitation, achieve the stability and convergence in stages, is also looking forward to the industry in the joint efforts of further progress and potential breakthrough.

As an important contributor to the global 5G standard, CITIC Mobile said that it will spare no effort to continuously promote the healthy development of the communication industry in the process of 6G research and standardization, combined with the development vision of "universal coverage, scene intelligence".

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