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From huaqiang north traders to design the original factory, Slkormicro "domestic alternative" development road

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In recent years, the shortage of semiconductor is becoming more and more intense, the market demand is increasing upstream but the semiconductor capacity is tight, and the delivery time of overseas component manufacturers is prolonged. Superposition of global manufacturing center of the chip demand is huge in our country, the us and Europe "their" factor, such as domestic clients, to accelerate the local brands to import, domestic power semiconductor manufacturers welcomed the opportunity of the development of in shenzhen sarkozy micro semiconductor co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "micro" sarkozy) as the representative of "domestic substitution" forces struggled to pursue, Committed to make up the domestic power semiconductor industry chain in the important short board.

Sak Micro (www.slkormicro.com) semiconductor research and development technology backbone from Tsinghua University and Yonsei University in South Korea, combined with overseas senior semiconductor talents, master the international leading third generation semiconductor silicon carbide power device technology, the fifth generation ultra-fast recovery power diode has also begun mass production. The main products are diode triode, power device mode tube, power management chip and other three series of integrated circuit, through technological innovation and product iteration update, has gradually been millet supply chain, BYD, Nanjing Golden Long, Sinotruk, BAIC new Energy and other well-known enterprises verification and import.

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Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Sacco Micro SlKOR

From huaqiang North traders started, to the technology of the big factory

Sacco micro helmsman Song Shiqiang, known as "Huaqiang North business research expert". In the early stage of his company, Jinhangbiao did electronic components trade in Huaqiang North, and transferred goods to end customers in Huaqiang North. Song Shiqiang analyzed that, "Huaqiangbei's business model is basically ordering, transferring goods, stockpiling and frying goods, which is the bottom of the industrial chain. But compared with the upstream factories and agents, there is no bargaining power, no pricing power, no game chips, and the supply chain is unstable and has no future." This is song Shiqiang many years ago in huaqiang North components trading market the biggest feeling, this is also his later Sacco micro company deep cultivation technology gold higher power semiconductor field reasons.

Later, The Company started the independent research and development and sales business of beidou GPS antenna rf connector products for microwave signals, created the brand "Kinghelm", and marked the "process replacement" of American GPS navigation antenna and other products. In 2014, Song Shiqiang got together with his classmates working in BYD semiconductor and came across the R&D team of Yonsei University in South Korea. They formed an alliance and established Sacco Micro Company, registered and promoted "SLKOR", aiming at the "domestic substitute" market of silicon carbide power devices. To the standard of CREE, ROHM, ON Anson and other companies' products.

Sacco micro early technology from the Yonsei University research and development team, when it is focused on the development of the third generation of semiconductor silicon carbide Mosfet, the highest voltage up to 1900V current 80A technology leading the world. Measured in BYD new energy vehicles, electrical data is second only to CREE of the United States and close to ROHM of Japan. With Mr. Song shiqiang's strong connections in the new energy vehicle industry, Professor Leon, the technology leader of Yonsei University, decided to cooperate and promote the silicon carbide MOS tube (SiC MOS and SiC SBD tube) developed by him to the New energy vehicle in the Chinese market.

Sacco micro has always been working hard in the silicon carbide power device industry, and gradually introduced tsinghua University and returned senior semiconductor talents, become a high-tech company to lead the development of technology and new products. Sacco micro product layout now covers high and low end: high-end products SiC diode, SiC MOS tube, IGBT, etc., to meet the high performance requirements of new energy vehicles, high-end equipment, communication power equipment, solar photovoltaic, medical equipment, industrial and military industry; The middle and low end are high and low voltage mosFETS, SCR (thyristor), bridge stack (rectifier bridge) and other consumer power devices, schottky diodes, ESD static protection diodes, TVS transient suppression diodes, general-purpose diode triodes, and power management chips, HALL HALL sensors, high-speed optocoupler and other series.

According to Song Shiqiang, SACCO Micro's current research and development, production, "SLKOR" brand operation and market are mostly in China, "domestic instead of" foreign brands. Sacco Weili has mastered the common technology of power devices, accumulated supply chain resources in the process of "domestic substitution", research and development and production of new products to serve customers. At the same time and sa Korea founder team continue to technical cooperation.

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Slkor corporate culture "Integrity, Progress, tenacity and detail"

In terms of incremental markets, sales rose 40 per cent quarter-on-quarter

Song Shiqiang introduced that in the traditional solar photovoltaic, inverter, welding machine, industrial server market, Infineon, On Mei and other overseas manufacturers dominate the world. But in emerging incremental markets, they have not yet established an absolute advantage. Sacco micro's development ideas are based on the emerging markets and domestic and foreign giants have not layout of the scene, from the single point breakthrough to drive local transcendence has the opportunity. Our domestic brands like Sacco Micro mainly through high cost performance, fast response and quality service, gradually encroachment on the domestic market occupied by overseas brands, the market profit will be used to develop their own technology to achieve the ultimate transcendence. Of course, there are a lot of "domestic alternative" manufacturers are using capital money, or state investment and subsidies!

In the field of consumer electronics, wireless Bluetooth headset (TWS) market has become an emerging market targeted by domestic brands. According to the latest Canalys statistics, its shipments rose 21% to 103.8 million in the fourth quarter of 2021, breaking the 100 million mark for the first time, making it another popular consumer product. Saco Micro SLKOR makes good use of this emerging market as a starting point, and independently develops Mosfet products applied to Bluetooth headset, such as SL2302, SL2301, 2N7002, SL3401 and other Mosfet models, which have achieved batch verification and shipment. Mr Song Shiqiang gold beacons electronics company, also targeted research and development production "kinghelm" brand of bluetooth headset bluetooth antenna, special ceramic type c charger interface, spring thimble, chargers spring shrapnel and other connectors connectors, with sarkozy micro play market, implements the two-wheel driven mode, the two companies market effect is very good!

Sacco micro used for high speed hair dryer, the field effect tube (FET) above the hair curler, for the SCR and rectifier bridge on the dishwasher also achieved batch shipment, customer feedback is very good. Song Shiqiang to core three board Zheng Lizhu reporter revealed that SACCO micro will improve the richness and diversity of products in the future, in the new product layout, such as SCR Hall components, power management IC and so on, are the company's performance growth point.

In 2021, Sacco's sales increased by 40% in each quarter. Some of them are general mosFET, diode triode and Hall components in the consumer electronics market. Some of them are new energy vehicles and industrial-grade silicon carbide mosFET, IGBT tube, newly developed power management chip and other products.

Grab "domestic substitution" draught, seek long-term development

Domestic power semiconductor enterprises have certain competitiveness in the field of low and middle end consumer electronics, but there is still a gap between them and overseas big brands in the high-end market. Overseas brands are more competitive in quality, but domestic brands represented by Sacco Micro are more competitive in price and can also provide close service for domestic customers.

In the early stage of the domestic substitution tide, SACCO micro and its peers are faced with many difficulties such as difficulties in customer introduction, insufficient verification data, and technological research and development that cannot keep up with the international trend and iteration. Song Shiqiang said, on the one hand, the high-end market technical standards are relatively high, our products and foreign mainstream manufacturers product technology gap, which needs time to hone; On the other hand, the gradual establishment of customer trust requires more energy and time on the client, resulting in high cost risks and large uncertainties. Sacco micro South Korea team personnel are biting teeth to carry over, now recall is not easy!

Sacco micro follows the international trend of technological development, promotes product upgrading with technological innovation, actively penetrates into the middle and high-end market, and also speeds up the progress of "domestic substitution". Based on the early grasp of silicon carbide power device technology, and the fifth generation of ultra-fast power recovery diode technology is increasingly mature, SACCO micro constantly launched new products, to replace overseas brand products. For example, SACCO Micro IGBT single tube "SL60T65FL" can replace Infineon "FGH60N60SFDTU", Sacco Wei "BTA41-800B" and ST "BTA41-800BRG", Sacco Wei "BT138S-800E" and WeEn "BT138S-800E" after several rounds of testing and comparison on the client, Enter into well-known enterprises such as HAIhe PCBA, Dechon Electric, Shennan Circuit and Xiaomi supply chain.

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Sacco Micro SlKOR Company training materials


Write in the last

Song Shiqiang describes himself as a serial entrepreneur who has been defeated and defeated repeatedly. From the mainland to Shenzhen, he has worked his way up from the lowest level of engineers to his current position, and has accumulated rich experience in technical management and business. Sarkozy micro company was founded in the beginning, not only pay attention to new product development and the design of IP core, in the "slkor" brand construction, construction of knowledge engineering, integrated into the semiconductor industry ecological circle, the build agent channels and huaqiang north image store, with the domestic foundries testing plant is the coordinated development of friendly cooperation, efforts to cut into the domestic the core value chain of the semiconductor. Mr. Song Shiqiang believes that it is very important to do a good job in slKOR brand building. In the era of information and data, we should especially make good use of the Internet as a tool. He said that the use of Internet publicity and promotion, there are low marginal cost, accurate information docking, rapid transmission, high conversion rate, wide diffusion, information on the network can be precipitated accumulation, rapid scale and other characteristics. Publicity, promotion and sales on the Internet are subversive and revolutionary to the traditional offline old model. If we study the underlying logic of brand promotion on the Internet, we will get twice the result with half the effort.

Based on the advancement of technology, the running in with the supply chain, the penetration of SLKOR brand, the development of channels, and the construction of staff team are becoming more and more mature, the distance between SACCO Micro and international brands is gradually narrowing, and the enterprise's confidence and confidence are becoming more and more sufficient. Song shiqiang revealed that as the performance continues to grow, Sacco Micro has begun to achieve profitability, which is very rare for a start-up semiconductor company.

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Slkor Sacco micro official website promotional image

Sarkozy micro company's vision is to become a "leader" domestic semiconductor, he pays attention to the enterprise culture and enterprise ethics, Mr Song Shiqiang lead the team in 2022, a corporate culture of gold beacons, nicolas sarkozy, gold beacons, sarkozy micro team to "is", "diligence" and "tough", "details" as the code of conduct, To build a Wolf team with the corporate culture of sincere sincerity, continuous progress, perseverance and control of details, adhering to the corporate ethics of "do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you", to create a positive energy industry chain and ecological chain. By "domestic substitution", SACCO micro forge ahead, strive to become the leader in the growing power device market, for the rise of domestic semiconductor manufacturers to add strength.


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