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What factors affect the product performance of Beidou antenna manufacturers? What areas does it reflect?

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Beidou antenna has become a product that many factories attach great importance to. When Beidou antenna manufacturers produce products, they will also consider the performance advantages. So now more and more consumer groups are pursuing antenna quality. Most of the time, what we want to know is what will affect the performance of the antenna.

  1. Ceramic sheet processed by the product

When Beidou antenna manufacturers process products, ceramic chips will be integrated into them. The quality of ceramic powder and sintering process will directly affect the performance of products. Now there will be various ceramic sheets on the market. According to the current situation, it is found that the larger the area of ceramic sheets and the larger the dielectric length, the higher the resonance frequency will be. The ceramic sheet itself is a square design. In order to ensure the consistent resonance frequency in all directions, we must achieve the ideal effect.

  2. Silver layer on product surface

The silver layer on the surface of the ceramic antenna may affect the frequency points of the ceramic sheet with ideal antenna resonance frequency, all of which fall in the relevant range. During the actual production process, Beidou antenna manufacturers may understand the frequency points, especially when they are assembled in the whole machine. They must paint the shape through adjustment, so that they can adjust the frequency points and keep them all in a reasonable range.

  3. Amplification circuit of the product

If Beidou antenna manufacturers want to produce better products and hope that the products can give full play to good performance, they must consider the amplification circuit of the products. The amplification circuit will carry the area of the ceramic antenna, because Beidou itself has the characteristics of rebound, which can give full play to the antenna efficiency.

  Beidou antenna manufacturerWhat factors will affect the performance of the products produced? All of these factors are important.


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