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How to select navigation GPS antenna? What are the criteria for selection?

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Guide: navigation GPS antenna puts forward higher requirements for accurate mailbox, which requires that most manufacturers put forward higher choices for raw materials or product design when choosing to produce this product. Navigation GPS antenna how to choose, we might as well have a look.

  1. Antenna input power

Input power is simply the maximum input power that the navigation GPS antenna can withstand. Generally speaking, all antennas will have relevant input power limits. The power of the input antenna in the radio station cannot exceed the maximum bearing capacity, that is, it is most appropriate that they can bear 2 / 3 of the power.

  2. Antenna pattern

The pattern of navigation GPS antenna is also very important. If we can analyze the pattern, we can at least quickly understand the signal coverage in a short time. The signal transmission results can be analyzed at the first time to improve the final antenna connection effect. Especially, while relying on various sky wave and ground wave propagation signals, the antenna pattern can be set according to the existing antenna erection height.

  3. Antenna front and rear comparison

The comparison between the front and back of the navigation GPS antenna is also very heavy. The comparison between the maximum value or the maximum value of the radio wave generated by the antenna can fully describe the directional characteristics of the radiation capacity. The front to back ratio of the antenna is relatively high, which can concentrate more energy together during transmission.

  Navigation GPS antennaHow to make a good choice in the process of actual setting? In fact, most people will have higher selection criteria when making choices. At present, there is no direct correlation between the efficiency or fluctuation value of each antenna, but they must be taken into account when making choices.


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