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How should distributors in the field of components do e-commerce?

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       This issue is a topic that has been discussed more recently in the industry and has been discussed with peers.Electronic componentsWhy are there so many trading companies in the industry? Why can anyone who has been in this industry for half a year start a company? What caused the threshold of this industry to drop so low? What makes us develop so fast? There is only one answer: the Internet.

At the macro level, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the 12th Five Year Plan for e-commerce development on March 27 this year, which clearly stipulates that by 2015, the e-commerce transaction volume will quadruple compared with the end of the 11th five year plan, breaking through 18 trillion yuan. Among them, the scale of e-commerce transactions among enterprises exceeds 15 trillion yuan; The online retail transaction volume exceeded 3 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 9% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods.

2 011 global semiconductor revenue ranking, Qualcomm has the strongest growth,IntelStill first - international research and advisory bodyGartnerAccording to the latest statistics,2011Global semiconductor revenue reached US $306.8 billion, up from2010An increase of $5.4 billion, or 1.8%. According to the latest forecast,2016GlobalSemiconductor marketThe turnover will exceed US $400 billion, reaching US $411.6 billion (about NT $12.34 trillion), setting a new milestone in the semiconductor market. If you don't take a share of it, you will miss a golden age!

B2C e-commerce refers to the use of the Internet as a tool to enable buyers and sellers to carry out various commercial and trade activities without meeting each other. In 2002, B2B websites in the industry began to rise, and trading companies in the component industry began to break out in 2002. A network cable, a computer, a telephone, a fax and a B2B platform account can start a business. A platform account, more than 2000 yuan, released 80000 pieces of inventory, creating n millionaires. If there were no Internet, this would not happen, and Huaqiangbei would not have so many device traders. Most trading companies can start from scratch and rely on the Internet. The Internet has such great magic. Why don't we make good use of it? At present, we are all doing business around the Internet. Companies that can make full use of the Internet can do better, develop faster and earn more.

What are the advantages of B2C over B2B? At present, B2B only realizes e-commerce, but does not achieve the purpose of Commerce. After the rapid development of B2B in recent years, there will naturally be many problems. For example, there are many businesses, serious homogenization and a large number of spam information. B2B lowers the threshold for its own interests, draws too many supplier members, and the supervision is not in place, resulting in serious excessive competition. In addition, the information is seriously surplus and the repeatability is too high, Events leading to a large number of fraudulent customers. Alibaba's 11 year "dishonesty incident" is a good example. In this industry, it is common to be fooled by fake goods, which is impossible to prevent! If enterprises can build their own B2C e-commerce platform, they can improve their brand image. We can make better use of Internet technology to promote our company and show our strength to customers.

At present, many of our enterprises have done well and made a lot of money. Few of them really pay attention to their own company's brand construction. We should make others rest assured and have no doubt about you as soon as they see your company's brand. At present, many companies do not realize the added value of the brand. For example, when I buy goods, company a has a very good reputation in the market. Company B is a new company that has not been established for a long time, and its popularity is not high. For the same model, company a quoted me 5 yuan and company B quoted me 4.5 yuan. At this time, I will choose company a because I believe in him. For another example, I ordered an ADI material before. This material is a popular material. My price is always lower than others, the ranking is also higher, and many people ask, but I haven't sold this product for one year. Finally, they were out of stock for some time before they were bought. After these two things, I summed up that the same product, the same price and the same quality can rank first. Your company should also have a brand and reputation. Now, in many enterprises, only talents in the industry can tell whether it is good or not. We should shape our own brand image, strengthen our own brand construction and recognize the importance of brand. Therefore, I think we should start from the current sales promotion to brand building. In today's rapidly changing market information, if enterprises want to always stay in the forefront, brand construction is certainly the top priority.

Let's take another look at the authorized agent's investment in online transactions and efforts to optimize online transactions in the past two years. Avnet express of Avnet and WPI of the general assembly are developing rapidly. Future has also set up Fai department for online transactions of small and medium-sized customers. E-league and RS, which we are familiar with, have made a lot of optimization and website revision in domestic online trading websites. Online there were no online transactions two years ago. At present, ROC is also developing in this regard. I believe it will launch its own online trading website soon. At present, icbuy and Wuhan Liyuan, powerful authorized agents in China, are actively laying out e-commerce platforms. There are also about 20 non authorized distributors according to my statistics, such as the Lichuang mall of jialichuang company. (we can search Baidu to learn about the relevant reports of Lichuang mall and the listing prospectus of Wuhan Liyuan).

What should we do? First, build your own team and develop your own website. (need some financial support) second, find a professional website building company to develop its own Mall (Shenzhen wodpeo network company is the only one in China to build a website for the IC industry). Third, join other professional platforms such as Taobao and tmall. We careful people can also see that Alibaba has now begun to focus on online transactions. Alibaba's platform has huge traffic. We can make full use of these resources. We can make big ones with funds and play small ones without funds. The only martial arts in the world can't be broken fast. So do our business. What we stress is the word "fast". Quickly discover business opportunities, quickly keep up with trends and quickly change strategies. B2C is the current trend. Who can keep up with the trend will become the winner; If you don't pay attention to today's overlord, it may become a thing of the past. This is also the most basic sense of crisis we need to have in running a business; If you don't do it, you won't have a chance. Before we do it, we must find a suitable model according to our own enterprise nature and business situation. Think about it. What do you need? No matter what you do, what we need to remember is the strategy of Internet Entrepreneurship: rapid start, rapid failure and rapid adjustment. (if you have an idea, do it immediately; if you find that it is not suitable for you, retreat decisively and don't let yourself sink too deep; if the strategic positioning is wrong, adjust it immediately so that the enterprise can quickly embark on the road suitable for you.

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