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Congratulations! The first national production of Nb IOT communication module with a large order of one million, which helps the meter industry accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading

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"Localization scheme" is a cutting-edge hot topic in the Internet of things industry, and independent and controllable localization is the general trend. In a complex international environment, localization schemes that can independently develop, produce and sell can bring customers better cost performance and more stable supply guarantee.

With continuous practice and summary, people's understanding of objective things will be more and more profound, their knowledge will be wider and wider, their wisdom will be higher and higher, and they will continue to develop and move forward.


As a professional communication module manufacturer with the highest domestic shipments, China Mobile onemo has always adhered to the brand belief of "stably supplying customers with communication modules with high reliability and high cost performance". In recent years, it has been exploring around the "localization scheme", inviting and cooperating with multiple industry partners to participate in the R & D and application implementation of the "localization scheme".  This time, China Mobile onemo and golden card intelligence, China's leading Internet of things enterprise, have reached a million level cooperation on the national production of Nb IOT communication module mn316, which is also the application of the first million level "localization scheme" in China!

The successful implementation of this project marks that the "localization" of the meter industry has reached a new level, and also sets off a new wind vane for the development of the meter industry to "localization".

Mn316 - National NB IOT communication module  

Mn316 yesChina Mobile onemo joint core wing informationAnd the nationally produced NB IOT communication module jointly built by multiple component suppliers, which uses the core wing information xy1100 communication chip. Compared with other NB IOT modules, its main advantages areExtremely low power consumption, higher sensitivity and ultra-high cost performance

a phone fit all kinds of networks  : it supports band3 / band5 / band8 bands and supports access to NB IOT networks of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom  Small size  : the size is only 16mm & times; 18mm× 2.2mm, which can meet the demand of terminal equipment for small-size module products to the greatest extent  Ultra low power consumption  : the power consumption under PSM state is less than 1uA, and the PSM power consumption is reduced by 70% compared with other NB IOT modules  Support built-in ESIM card  : mn316 supports the built-in 2 * 2mm SMD M2M chip, and the SIM card is welded inside the module, which can reduce the product size, eliminate the peripheral circuit of the SIM card, further reduce the user's product size and cost, and effectively increase the security of the SIM card  Full support of mainstream cloud platforms  : embedded onenet, ctwing and other mainstream IOT platform protocols to truly realize seamless connection and rapid development  LCC package  : LCC package which is easier to weld can realize rapid production of modules through standard SMT equipment  Liteos system  : built in liteos lightweight open source IOT operating system, IOT terminal development is simpler, interconnection is easier, business is more intelligent, experience is smoother and data is safer  

Strict product verification and test process and field test in 7 provinces and cities  

As a leading Internet of things enterprise in China, gold card intelligence has extremely strict requirements on product quality, and also has very high audit standards for the communication modules used in the products, including power consumption monitoring under weak network signal, high and low temperature PSM power consumption test, high and low temperature pressure test, functional stability test, module RF transmission power, reception sensitivity A series of product verification and test processes such as module RF consistency.

Meanwhile, for the gold card meter industry business, China Mobile onemo has completed field tests in 7 provinces and cities using mn316 communication module, including the adaptation of mn316 to different network scenarios, as well as the sending and receiving data of fixed-point Ping packets, TCP, UDP, ctwing and onenet connections, so as to ensure that mn316 can meet the actual business needs.

Deep cultivation of intelligent meter reading helps the industry accelerate digital transformation and upgrading!  

China Mobile onemo has been deeply engaged in the smart meter industry for many years, has created a variety of Nb IOT communication module products widely used in the smart meter field, and has created dozens of benchmark application cases in more than 10 provinces and cities such as Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong. In the future, China Mobile onemo is willing to work with more industry partners to jointly explore the future of "localization", create a "localization scheme" with higher quality and higher cost performance, and help the industry accelerate digital transformation and upgrading!

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