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Golden beacon: characteristics of SMA RF coaxial connector

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So,Golden beaconLet's talk to you:SMA RFCharacteristics of coaxial connector

1、 Structural features

SMA connector is a connector with inner diameter of outer conductor of 4.13mm, characteristic impedance of 50 Ω and connection mechanism of inch thread (external thread of 1 / 4-36uns-2a and internal thread of 1 / 4-36uns-2b). Generally, it is equipped with 7.85mm ~ 8mm hexagonal connecting nut. According to the applicable conditions, three safety wire holes with a minimum diameter of 0.41mm are evenly distributed on the connecting nut to pass through the safety wire with a diameter of 0.38mm, so as to improve the service reliability of SMA connector.

The socket wall of SMA connector is very thin. It must be made of alloy materials with good strength and toughness (such as beryllium copper alloy) and subject to appropriate heat treatment.

The wall of the outer conductor of SMA pin connector is very thin and should be made of alloy materials with good strength (such as beryllium copper alloy and stainless steel). It is made of metal with poor strength. When the tightening torque is large, the outer conductor may collapse and fail. The connection mechanism is threaded, the connection separation is slow, and large wrench space is required, which is not suitable for high-density installation.

2、 Performance characteristics

Due to different structural forms, the electrical performance indexes such as frequency range, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and insertion loss of various SMA connectors are also quite different, which are specified in their respective applicable standards. For example, the current effective gjb680 / 2, gjb680 / 28 and gjb680 / 31 stipulate that the frequency range, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and insertion loss of SMA connector adapter are different.

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