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Golden aids to navigation: IPX, IPEX, UFL connectors

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Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a national high-tech and double soft certification enterprise, "senior member unit of China satellite navigation Association", an enterprise with ISO9001 (04617q13625ros) quality management certification system, and is improving iatf16949 automobile quality management system. Its main business is the R & D, production and sales of Beidou satellite navigation and IOT terminal application hardware, and www.bds666.com Com logistics information intelligent system solution.

So,Golden beaconLet's talk to you: Popular Science:IPX, IPEX, UFL connectors

I-pex was originally a connector company, which was later merged by first Seiko.

IPX, IPEX, UFL and HSC should all be the same connector, generally called IPEX or IPX, but different manufacturers have their own series and names. For example, dai-ichishiko of first Seiko is called IPEX, Hirose electromechanical Hirose's UFL and WFL, and Murata Murata has HSC. However, many manufacturers do not have their own names and will directly name their products as IPEX or UFL connectors.

It is mainly used in micro RF coaxial cable connector with small package and working frequency of 0 ~ 6GHz. It is common in wifi antenna, router antenna, GPS antenna, mobile phone antenna, etc. Picture IPEX connectors have different models: MHF, mhf2, mhf3, mhf4, mhf5, etc. There is not much difference in use. The main difference lies in the size (MHF > mhf2 > mhf3 > mhf4 "mhf5). For specific packaging, please refer to the manuals of different manufacturers.

Different manufacturers have different models, and the corresponding socket and plug material numbers are different. It needs to be recognized when purchasing.

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