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[sun Yuanfeng team of Huaxi Electronics - optimistic about new RF opportunities] satellite Internet is imminent, and the increment of industrial chain is just around the corner

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Event overview:  

① According to Tencent, on the morning of March 4 US Eastern time, SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket put 60 new Starlink Internet satellites into orbit. The rocket landed on a floating platform at sea and successfully recovered, ending the long-awaited task. After this successful launch, SpaceX has launched more than 1200 Starlink satellites into orbit, including some satellites that are no longer in operation. There will be more launches in the future, and SpaceX's Starlink network will consist of 1440 satellites.  

② According to teslati, Tesla's idea of connecting to the Internet through Starlink is about to become a reality. SpaceX recently submitted an application to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to expand satellite services to "mobile vehicles, ships and aircraft". In its FCC application, SpaceX aims to obtain the deployment and operation rights of end-user ground stations, which will be called on-board ground stations ("vmes"), on-board ground stations ("ESV") and on-board ground stations ("esaa"). These ground stations are collectively referred to as dynamic ground stations ("ESIM"), which will have the ability to connect the Internet to mobile vehicles, such as cars, ships and even aircraft.  

③ According to CNR news on March 6, 2021, Lei Jun, deputy to the National People's Congress, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, submitted four suggestions to the two sessions in 2021. The proposal on promoting the development of Satellite Internet industry points out that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, China issued a number of policies and regulations to support and encourage the development of commercial aerospace, which greatly promoted the development of China's commercial aerospace industry. As a strategic emerging industry, commercial aerospace has a significant technical traction and industrial driving role, and will become an important growth pole and starting point for high-quality economic development. Lei Jun suggested that satellite Internet be included in China's "14th five year plan" development plan as a key strategic emerging industry.  

Analysis and judgment:  
► Satellite Internet is imminent, and the increment of industrial chain is just around the corner  
Satellite Internet is an Internet based on satellite communication. It forms a large-scale network through a certain number of satellites, so as to radiate the world and build a large satellite system with real-time information processing. It is a new network that can provide broadband Internet access and other communication services to ground and air terminals. It has the characteristics of wide coverage, low delay, broadband and low cost. Satellite Internet uses satellites as relay stations to transmit microwave signals, so as to realize the communication between multiple ground stations and realize global Internet connection. It is one of the important ways of modern communication like mobile communication and ground optical communication. Globally, according to the statistics of the United Nations, there are still 3 billion people in the world who do not have Internet or access to high-speed Internet. Most of these people are in old, young, border and poor areas. At present, mobile base stations do not reach areas, resulting in a huge digital gap between mainstream people and them in the world, Such problems can be solved directly through satellite Internet and a large number of new users will be released. LEO satellite has become the first choice of Satellite Internet because of its small transmission delay, low link loss, flexible launch, rich application scenarios and low overall manufacturing cost. According to the white paper on the development of China's satellite Internet industry issued by CCID Consulting, the earth's low earth orbit can accommodate about 60000 satellites, and the Ku and Ka communication band resources mainly used by LEO satellites are gradually becoming saturated. At present, the world is on the eve of intensive satellite launch. By 2029, a total of about 57000 LEO satellites will be deployed in Earth's low earth orbit, and there will be little orbital space left. As a prerequisite for the normal operation of communication satellites, space orbit and frequency band have become the key resources that satellite enterprises all over the world strive to seize. At present, countries have promoted the construction of Satellite Internet as a national strategy. In April 2020, China's national development and Reform Commission incorporated Satellite Internet into the "new infrastructure" for the first time. At present, countries are in the stage of intense competition. We believe that accelerating the construction of domestic satellite Internet has become an urgent matter. Once the development window period is missed, it will inevitably fall into a very passive situation. The development and construction of domestic satellite Internet is also expected to enter the accelerated landing period, and the whole domestic industrial chain is expected to accelerate to usher in an incremental period.  

Key recommendations:  
Hetai (Chengchang Technology): Chengchang technology has independent design, R & D and other core competitiveness in microwave and millimeter wave RF T / R chips. In this field, except for a few key national defense institutes, it is the only private enterprise mastering this technology, and it is also the only high-tech enterprise undertaking major national special R & D in related fields. In the field of spaceborne, The company is leading in domestic technology.  

Risk statement  
Industry demand is not as expected, industry competition is becoming more and more fierce, macroeconomic downturn and systemic risk.  


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