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Squad expansion! "Dz02 series" connectors for Jae industrial equipment are added with plug harness products

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JAE has newly developed a plug harness of the "DZ02 series", a small interface connector for connecting industrial equipment safety devices, and has started sales.

01 Overview

In recent years, for the purpose of realizing automated production lines and collaborative robot work to save labor and improve productivity on the production site, there has been a need to control and protect the execution site, for example, when a worker comes too close to operating equipment or touches the equipment by mistake. There is an ever-increasing demand for safety devices for worker safety.

Under these circumstances, JAE has started selling plug harnesses of the "DZ02 series" of small interface connectors that connect safety equipment safely and conveniently with equipment that controls industrial equipment (servo amplifiers, inverters, etc.).

This product is a connector that conforms to the standard IEC61076-3-122 (TYPE-1) for Gigabit Ethernet, and uses an STO(*) cable that connects the controller (servo amplifier) and safety device. The 1.27 mm pitch realizes the miniaturization of the connector, which helps to save space inside the device, and is equipped with a locking structure with excellent vibration resistance and convenient operation.

Since the safety performance of human-machine cooperation is considered from the beginning of the design, the wiring harness can be used to connect the controller (servo amplifier) and safety equipment. In addition, you can use the DZ02 series connectors with receptacles and shorting plugs that are already on sale for safe performance in a range of processes.

※STO (SafeTorque Off): The function of interrupting the motor current by the signal from the safety device

02 Example of use


03 Advantages

Small (1.27mm height)

Anti-vibration structure Excellent locking structure

A series of sockets, shorting plugs and plug harnesses in compliance with IEC61076-3-122 (TYPE-I) standard can be provided.

For connecting equipment with safety monitoring functions (servo amplifiers, inverters, etc.) to safety equipment

04 Application Market

Servo amplifiers, motion controllers, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and other industrial equipment

05 General Specifications


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