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Silei provides the best RF front-end overall scheme for UWB system

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With the rise of the Internet of things, the application of UWB technology ushers in more opportunities. Compared with other positioning technologies, UWB has many advantages, such as high positioning accuracy, good security, high transmission rate, large system capacity, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability and so on. The UWB RF front-end solution launched by silei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "silei") includes a complete set of RF chips and related product series, including:

 RF front end module(FEM)  Sw8110, sw8112 and sw8102. As the world's first FEM series products, it provides full band RF front-end support for UWB.  
  1. Sw8110 chip integrates power amplifier (PA), low noise amplifier (LNA) and RF switch. The operating frequency band is 3-5GHzIt has the advantages of low noise and high output power, improves the sensitivity and reduces the working requirements of UWB transceiver.

  2. Sw8112 chip integrates power amplifier (PA), low noise amplifier (LNA), filter (HPF) and RF switch. The operating frequency band is 6-9ghz, with high transmission power and low noise. The internally integrated HPF provides stronger RX anti-interference ability, avoids being affected by low-frequency communication frequency band, and provides a longer transmission distance for UWB signal.
  3. The sw8102 chip integrates low noise amplifier (LNA) and radio frequency switch (switch), which is specially designed for UWB, and the working frequency band is 6-9ghz. It can achieve excellent characteristics such as ultra-low noise figure, high linearity, high gain and low insertion loss in a wide power supply voltage range of 2.8V to 3.6V, and has stronger anti-interference ability for out of band interference signals.


Sw0400 series products:An antenna suitable for UWB 3-9ghz band applications, with a size of 2.0mmx1 2mm、3.2mmx1. 6mm、8.0mmx6. 0mm, etc., applicable to various types of product applications from wearable devices to UWB positioning base stations.

 Band pass filter (BPF)  

Sw6000 and other products:The filter chip customized for UWB CH5 band (i.e. 6.5ghz) adopts innovative IPD process, with low insertion loss and stronger suppression of out of band interference signals.

 RF switch  

Sw1189 and other products:Ultra wideband SPDT Switch with GPIO interface, with operating frequency of 0.7 to 10GHz. RF performance is optimized for low insertion loss and low harmonic to meet the strict requirements of UWB standard.

 RF power amplifier (PA)  

Sw8326 and other products:Broadband power amplifier with operating frequency of 3.0-4.5ghz. While improving the high output power, it can realize broadband power drive to adapt to the application scenario of UWB.

At present, the main mature application of UWB technology is in related industries at the to B end. The core function is indoor high-precision positioning service, which has strong rigid demand and rapid market growth。 Silei UWB series products have been highly recognized by 200 industry customers and are widely used in many industries such as coal mine, tunnel, justice, prison, logistics, warehouse, port and medical treatment. The cumulative shipment of products exceeds 3kkpcs.


With the end of consumer electronics giants such as apple, NXP and qorvo and the launch of UWB main chips and hardware products, we have reason to believe that UWB technology will bring new products and experiences to consumers in the to C field.Based on the characteristics of high frequency, wide frequency band and low delay of UWB technology, it is expected that UWB will have a broader market application beyond indoor positioning,Such as image and audio transmission, smart home, AR / VR, automotive electronics, etc.


Silei will continue to plough deeply in the UWB technology field, continue to focus and innovate, and continue to provide customers with the best overall UWB RF front-end solution.It is believed that in the future, UWB technology can become a near-field communication means that can change people's lifestyle like Wi Fi and Bluetooth technology.

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